Tips for My Next Cycle? Test C, Eq, and Tbol

So im going to start my next cycle on end of may.
I was planning to use:
Test c 400mg/wk 1-14 wk
Tbol 25mg/day 1-6wk
Equipoise 200mg/wk 1-12wk

So far i have only used test e and c, with fairly good results and with only slight side effects.
I’m going to begin with low eq dose, but i can ramp it up if needed, i just haven’t used it before so i want to start low.
I was also thinking of lowering test to 250-300mg and going higher with eq and also frontloading it. Opinions on this?
For AI i have exemestane which i was planning to use 12.5mg eod.
My goal is to gain “quality” muscle without getting loads of side effects.
I could also change eq to other compound but atleast i haven’t really found any better option.
I’m going to start cut soon so i’ll try to get my bf somewhere near 10% before starting the cycle.

My current stats:
Height 186cm
Weight 98kg
Bf ~15%

Most folks need to run the EQ higher to get the benefits out of it. There are also other posts you may want to read about the Anti-E properties of EQ. I would hold off on the AI due to that if it were me. EQ cycles are typically longer than 12 weeks as well due to the fact its such a long compound and the gains take much longer to even start showing.


i agree higher EQ im running 450mg/week and its very mild

I’ve recently read a few folks pointing to frontloading EQ with causing low E2 (even more so than not front loading). Not sure if that’s legit but figured I’d pass it on.

Save your money and skip the EQ. At that dose you’ll get almost nothing out of it but it’ll still make e2 management a hassle. Either go way up or ditch it entirely.

I’ve also been thinking of trying out EQ. What is the the minimum effective and maximum effective dosages? What stacks well with EQ?