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Tips for My Cycle, Please!


Hey I am looking into trying a pretty light bulking cycle. I only am looking for like 10-15lbs to stick.

8 week "bulking" cycle

Injectable: Tren E ~ 200mg ED once a week

Oral: Anadrol ~ 100mg ED Daily (split up twice a day at 50mg ED), Novadex 20mg ED Daily

PCT (until my pills run out!): Clomid ~ 50mg ED Daily, Proviron 25mg ED daily

Supps: Serious Mass, Omega 3/6/9, CoQ10, Liv-52, Amino 2222, Multi, Glucosamine and chondroitin, and Arginine. PCT specific supps: Free test and Tribulus.

What do you guys think? Also would a 3ml syringe with a 23g x 1 needle work well with Tren E? Also will the Nova cut down on the water retention from the A-bombs? Should I be really worried about my libido and energy? Also any tips from personal experience?



Tren E is a long estered compund meaning it should be shot at least 2x a week in order to maintain stable blood levels.

Anadrol is a pretty serious oral with a wealth of side effects (which I believe can be avoided if you use really really low testosterone and keeps estrogen levels in check)

Judging by the cycle structure, I'd say you are definitely a newb, and very uneducated.

Now for the advice.. here is what I would run

Weeks 1-8

test prop 70-100mg Each week with Every day pins

tren ace 500-800mg each week with every day pins

caber .5mg 2x a week

adex .25mg 2x a week

weeks 1-5
dbol 50-70mg ED (increase the adex to .5mg EOD for the first 5 weeks)

3 days after last shot pct nolvadex 40/40/20/20


Sorry I made the rookie mistake of not giving you enough info. My bad, this was just a quick train of thought post.

I am not looking for a huge anabolic cycle. I am merely looking to gain weight. See right now I am 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighing in at only 133lbs. I am almost 30lbs under weight. I have tried tons of supps and even got on a dedicated diet of 4200 calories minimum, 600-680g of Carbs, 150-180g of Protein, and I frankly don't pay attention to my fat intake.

The gains I want to make on this cycle is mainly weight. Which is why I was looking at the Tren E. Which I know is a long lasting estered compound. I was thinking of taking my shots 4 days apart. But wasn't 100% sure about it, until I read your advice. But I also will be taking 100mg ED of CoQ10 to help support my blood levels.

The main reason I was even interested in Tren was the low anabolic factor and that it didn't react in my body like a Test would. I have a fear of my junk not working when I want to use it. Plus the side effect of severe depression after instantly stopping. You know like if someone trashed my stash...... Plus with the Tren option it mainly increase my appetite.

Which I could use! It just seemed like the better option for my goal. Also, I know Anadrol is an aggressive oral. My biggest worry about it was the water retention. I was concerned with developing Edema. But I am naturally very lean and don't carry much water. Plus I was going to be on Nova all the way through the cycle just to help with estrogen effects. As for the liver side effects I would be taking Liv-52 with every dose, just for insurance.

Now first off let me genuinely thank you for your advice. It does mean a lot to me you took time out of your day to make sure I didn't kill myself!!!

Your cycle is a pretty intense looking cycle for a first time user. Now granted I know if you are going to do something you should do it right. But for my goals I am not sure if it is the best. But please set me straight if you know I am wrong. Again thank you for your time and input, I appreciate it.


there is no way you are 130lbs and did not gain weight on 4200 calories a day. First off your protein should be much higher for that many calories, but still. In my opinion if you can't get past 130lbs naturally, then you should find a new hobby, because gear won't help that much.

Sorry for being harsh but thats the same answer you are going to get from most people. No one is going to recommend a 130 pound kid to use gear. Unless there is a medical reason you cannot gain weight. But seriously, you don't want to have to take steroids just to be average.

EDIT: I'm also 5'8 and started off weighing 130lbs. I was one of those skinny kids who never thought I had the genetics to gain weight. after tracking my calories and force feeding myself (I never had a great appetite) the weight started to come. I gained 35lbs before using gear, and most people (including myself) STILL think I jumped the gun. But i sure am glad I gained weight naturally first. Just so you don't think i'm being insensitive, I've been in your position before, and you are not ready for gear.


after reading this, you are definitely not ready for cycling..holy shit.


Thanks a lot for the advice. I have tried to talk to doctors about my weight gaining problem. I have been told that I have a hyper metabolism and that I should just wait till it slows naturally. So I went to a nutrionist and talked with her. Should put me on a diet based on my approximent calorie requirements. But no real gains besides a pound or too. Which to be honest is only because I have a full stomach and bowel..... I will admit working a 10 hour shifts in a ware house slingin boxes of crap all day DEFINITIVELY doesn't help my case. But I am trying as hard as I can. But also searching for other avenues. I.E. AAS

Now let me be more clear if I can. I am not looking into steroids for big huge muscles. I am simple looking for some weight gain. I am not a bodybuilder or athletic. I am just someone that wants to be a little bigger then their genetics will let them be.

Dbol123 Thank you for taking the time to help me out and give me advice. Rather then just telling me I am a idiot and should go supps stores and waste more of my money.


AAS will not make you gain weight if you are not doing so already with your current caloric intake. You can't make muscles out of thin air with or without steroids. You need to eat more - period. Try weight gain shakes, whey protein, make shakes in the blender with EVOO, eggs, whole milk...you get the picture. And if you don't lift, any weight you do gain will be in the form of fat.

Log your calories every day. You may not be getting as much as you think.


I know this. Did you at all read the supps I listed? I have ON Serious Mass up there. I go through two 12lb bags a month using whole milk with cottage cheese. I take in 2 to 3 shakes a day. I do have a food log.

Also I know steroids in general won't make you gain weight. Which is why I was looking at Tren E. I know that it is pretty much finaplex. Which I have seen them put in to cows around here. It will increase my appetite and my nutrient intake. Which is what I want. I want to be able to eat more and have my body absorb more of it into my system. That is my goal.




You weigh 130 pounds.


Unless you are an alien the laws of thermodynamics apply to you. If you eat above maintenance you will gain weight. Re-read this as many times as you need to until it makes sense. IF YOU ARENT GAINING WEIGHT YOU ARENT EATING ENOUGH. Forget the actual number. The number could be 10,000 calories, if you dont gain weight it's not enough. PERIOD.

Now gtfo of the steroids forum and get a clue.

Also, virtually everything youve said about the cycle and it's effects has been wrong. Tren absolutely will not increase your appetite. There are other things wrong as well, but that doesnt matter. You arent close to needing steroids at this point.


Please set me straight then. I came here for help and information. If you can provide either, I will appreciate it.


Please post a sample daily food log.
You may be trying to eat too clean. If I were you, I'd start eating more calorie-dense food. Yes, hamburgers, even ice cream. your body appears to be very efficient at burning what it considers extra calories, and you need to really push it to make it abandon all hope of homeostasis. Spill olive oil on all your food, eat almonds and other calorie-dense nuts. Hamburgers: they're cheap in the USA, use them! you'll know you're on the right path when things start moving. at 21YO, you can 'afford' this type of behavior.


I will post my food log soon. I don't have much time to do so during the week, with work and all. Thank you very much in your interest to help me.


Not wanting to come off like a dick but you clearly are not ready for gear. you have to get your diet down and try to naturally get your weight up. If you cant get weight on buy just eating how do you expect to get weight on with gear. Another thing is if you are going to to a cycle you may want to do more research on it before doing so.


He did set you straight, he need not make any further linear adjustment. You were told to forget gear and consume more calories until the scale goes up. Despite whatever number you think you are consuming, if the scale didn't go up, then you did not consume enough.

Drench all foods in olive oil if you have to. Consume 1kg of mixed nuts and m&m's on top of what you are currently doing. If you don't gain weight, you are kidding yourself as to your intake.

You are not special. If you eat more you will gain weight. Everyone does.


And for fucks sake, you do not need gear to get beyond your 'genetic limit' of 130lbs.