Tips for Mind-Muscle Connection with Pecs and Lats?

Dead muscles for me… 2 years and I can’t feel a thing there! Pecs. Sometimes sore ya but jo pump! What do I do! And ya… I retract and depress and go slow and keep chest. Up!.

1- TRY pre-exhaust in your training. This can be in the traditional super set manner, or even just in sequencing your exercises in a way that makes you do isolation movements earlier.

2-practuce not DELOADING the muscle. Certain movements have points along the ROM, especially if you’re a “always lock out” trainer, where mist if not all of the direct stress on your target muscle dusapoears,

3-learn to “milk the negative.” Slowing down the eccentric portion of your lifts will greatly increase how much you can really feel the muscles doing their work.

I’ll try to write more later, on my Phone scarfing down my breakfast before the gym Atm!


Thanks man! Frist time to trying to grow after 2 years cutting and it’s killing me… Never felt my lats or pecs in 2 years… The funny is what gets my back sore is usually rear delt flyies. Which isn’t even a back exercise… My. Lats never been pumped. Or sore! And I wanna be elite some day so that sucks!