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Tips for Mass Growth? Much Appreciated


im looking to gain 22lbs, was wondering on ur tips on weight training and dieting that may help me get to my goal
ive already gained 22lbs and its taken me about a year, so seeing as i found this website i thought i would ask u for tips
i understand it will take me awhile to gain this weight



You're going to have to be more specific about what you want to know



Are you serious?

Are you seriously serious?????

This is a forum almost entirely dedicated to gaining mass. Have you read a single thread here?


Do whatever you did to gain the iirst 22lbs? Eat food, enough to gain weight, lift heavy things at least three, preferably four or more times a week. That's pretty much it.


Eat. Peanutbutter, milk, steak, tuna, etc. We need more specifics.


Follow a sound program and eat your required calories for the weight you are trying to achieve. There are plenty of threads and articles floating around here as well as the internet in general. Biggest thing is to remember the BASIC FUNDAMENTAL aspects of strength training, it really is no more complicated than that.

REMEMBER THIS: If you are eating enough while using a program designed around the big complex lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, shoulder press), with some assistance work-- you will achieve your goal. Never think you are an exception to this rule, best of luck.


What are you doing now? Both diet and weights.

What are your stats? height weight etc.

Seriously, what did you do to gain the first 22lbs? Do the same but more of everything.


Seriously man, did you even look at the website?

Oh another note, if youve already gained 22Lbs why do you need tips? Surly after gaining that much you should be well versed in the ways of building muscle.