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Tips for Losing Weight and Maintaining Muscle Mass

I’m new to the forums, or actually to any other forums regarding body building.
I’m 180CM with body weight of 132KG… This puts me in the above 40 BMI group.
My goal is to reach the 110KG mark for a start.

Sorry for the lengthy introduction, but my question is what supplements do I need to keep on taking during the new few weeks.
I have access to some whey proteins and cow’s milk proteins. !! Which is better?!
And will it help to cut carbs/fats and mainly focus on proteins and exercising!?

Hope you guys can help with your experience.

Thanks, have a good day.

None. There are no essential supplements necessary to lose weight although a protein supplement can be a convenient way to keep protein intake high although whole foods are preferable. Not sure what cow’s milk proteins is.

Cut as in reduce, yes. Cut as in eliminate, no. Exercising is too much broad a term.

What have you tried so far? At that weight I’d imagine you could have success simply cleaning up your diet, start weight-training 3-4 times per week and increase your activity levels by doing something so humble as walking.

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Thanks for your reply,

How many grams of proteins should i be taking per day?!


Read some articles on the site.

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Make one big change at a time/month. -Firstly just hit a training plan hard as below and for diet cut out all junk/sugary foods apart from fruit and you should be able to get down to say 250 pretty quickly. Then can evaluate, get cleverer with diet etc

For supps can get going with creatine and vits and minerals like ZMA and high strength D3

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