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Tips for Long Distance Travel for Meet

Hey, all. I’'m competing at raw nationals in October for the USAPL and was wondering if anyone has any traveling tips? I guess the main thing I’m worried about is how my bag would be handled by the airport, I don’t wanna be the guy running around asking to borrow belts and stuff. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Carry on your gear…


Wear your gear on the plane! Lol just pack your stuff as usual, if you got zip lock bags of chalk or protein powder make sure they are marked as to the contents. Good luck in the meet!

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Make sure all your gear ( belt, shoes, wraps, etc ) are on your carry on. Linament, oils, etc will need to be checked or mailed separately unless in containers under the TSA guidelines.

If you’re lifting on Thursday Try to get in Tuesday so you can adjust to the room, schedule, etc.

Bring food with you so you can eat while in transit. Would suck to end up going 12+ hours with no proper nutrition. Sure you could eat airport food, but who knows what that could do to your stomach before the meet, etc.

Relax and accept any delays/screaming babies/mouth breathers that come in the way, stay as stress free as possible.

Don’t forget a battery pack and a spare charger!


Thanks, brother. I appreciate the detail you went into, I haven’t even ever flown before, let alone to a meet.

Yeah, just wear my wrist wraps on my head and no one will suspect a thing :joy:

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