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Tips for Lifting Up My Appetite?

Hi there,
I’d be grateful for some ideas on how to stimulate my appetite. Not that I’m skinny, but just wanna get bigger (6ft 2in, 210 lbs, BFP about 11%). Are there any supplements that can stimulate appetite? I’m already taking whey, creatine, and a mix of citrulline malate, L-arginine, and beta-alanine for my pre-workout.


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@FlatsFarmer You’re right, weed is a good appetite stimulant, but somehow not compliant with the healthy lifestyle approach, at least for me because whenever I smoke weed I end up punching out and eating a shitload of random things late at night :slight_smile: But, yes, it does lift your appetite for sure :slight_smile:

You could switch to foods with higher calorie density if you are low on total calories. Eat a ribeye instead of a chicken breast for example.

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GOMAD ? Is that an option?

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Yeah, GOMAD is a good idea. Thanks mate!

That’s a good advice. Thanks!

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I have the opposite problem (gaining is really easy, but I also get too fat). So I gave you the advice opposite of what has worked for me.

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Do you eat breakfast? Lots of guys who normally skip breakfast say that when they do eat in the morning it makes them more hungry throughout the rest of day.

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Yeah, i eat breakfasts. Typically, 4 eggs, cottage cheese, some bread, a bowl of cereals and a glass of milk.

20 rep squat programs seem to do wonders for my appetite.


Overeat a few times and eventually it becomes a pattern, at least for me.

Another way to look at it is “how to get more calories in”.

Learn how to make calorie dense condiments. Make your own salsa (with olive oil). Make tapenade. Baba ganouche. Pesto. Tzatziki. Chutney. Hummus.

Make things more palatable. Add MSG. Salt.

Use calorie dense prettifiers (furikake).

Add Sun-dried tomatoes (salt makes brain go “yum”)

Opt for calorie dense greens (butternut squash and edamame beans).

Sneak fruits in when possible (oatmeal. Bananas with pancakes). Marmalades. Add some dark chocolate or coconut flakes or coconut oil (or all three). And milk. Add milk to eggs when making omelettes. Add slices of cheese to hot meals. Add cheese to omelettes. You can add protein powder to pancakes and oatmeal.

Don’t cook in ways that loses out on fat content (if you use a slowcooker save the fat, don’t pour it out)

Buy good ingredients. I buy quality black pepper. It makes everything delish.

Find snacks you love. Popcorn. Nuts. Whatever.

Make a protein shake/pudding using heavy cream as a base.
Eating straight cream cheese or even butter might also work

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Generously butter the eggs, use the excess fat to toast the bread and top with pb and jam or honey

I’d replace this with more of the aforementioned bread
Broiling bananas on top of toast is also good

Replace this with 5 eggs scrambled with large quantities of cheese and some veggies. Add lean bacon on the side for more protein

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Here’s what I had for the breakfast on Sunday morning:

  • five eggs scrambled with large quantities of cheese and some mushrooms, some whole-grain bread
  • three slices of whole-grain bread with 3 tbsp of almond butter, 2 bananas
  • whey protein with milk
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Another hack is to generously butter bagels and make tall sandwiches
Toasting in a pan rather than in the toaster allows for maximum butter absorption

My appetite seems to go up with slow but steady increase in consumption. If I try to stuff myself it slows down, but if i eat till comfortably full, as often as possible, my bodies ability to handle more goes up. Slow but steady progress adds up fast. +100 cal a day is plus 1000 in 10 days and my body adapts. Adding 500 in one day and my body says F you, too much.

6ft2 210lbs ? and 11% bf ?? are you Jon Skywalker bruv

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Jon Skywalker has bfp lower than 9 IMO. Okay, i said 11, it was 11 last time i measured it, but i’ve put on some weight in the meantime so it’s probably about 13 or even a bit heigher…

To sitmulate appetite add one of these as a finisher to your workouts

Add Plazma or karbolyn product to workout supps.

Hour of power here is a classic…