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Tips For Large Amounts of Protein


Hey all,
I am going to start getting in 2gm of protein per bw. Bw right now is 250. Therefore I will need to get in 500 gm's of protein a day, or at least get close to it. Anyone got any tips on how to get all the protein in? Recipes, tips, whatever I can get is appreciated. Also has anyone else ever eaten this much?




I eat 400g/day currently while using MAG-10 and doing 2-a-days.

Protein powder is a savior


It's very hard to get that amount of protein without protein powders. One way to boost your protein intake is using liquid egg whites. I just put them into my drinks, drizzle them over my food and even have some "shots" with them. Other than that, you just have to take in large amount of chicken, beef, fishes etc.

I find ground beef to be particularly a cheap source of protein. Beef jerky's also let me be able to take in a lot of protein without getting too full though they are quite expensive unless you know how to make them yourself.


Just a tip. The 2g/lb suggestion is usually 2g/lb LEAN. Not only that, but it's a recommendation for bulking, not maintenance or cutting, though you didn't mention your goals.


I find alternating between meals and protein shakes helps. I find having a salty steak for example increases my desire for something sweet so I then have a chocolate protein shake and then my desire for meat/salt comes back.

I've read vitamin B12 injections helps to increase appetite.


Smart selections at all you can eat buffets and protein powder. I try to get at least 70% of my protein intake from food sources.


I completely agree, and I don't think anyone ever needs to go that high in protein, shoot I have a hard enough time getting in 300-400 grams and that's with shakes!! And like evilimage said, how can you expect us to recommend something to you without knowing your specific goals with this plan. But assumming its either a bulk or a cut, you are a) going way to high in protein for a bulk or b) going way to high in protein for a cut. My advice given the specific circumstance (and for whats its worth I'm a dietitian) 1.25-1.75 gm/pro per pound of Lean body mass is all you need.


If your urine is extremely bubbly, you are excreting a LOT of protein (i.e. not using it). Just a tip.


that much protein is hard, best advice, start early and start hard. Try to eat 200grams for breakfast.


make a good rich chili. add in as much non flavored whey concentrate as desired.

works great for when you get whey in bulk.

and getting a bowl of 100g(or higher) protein per serving chili makes life much easier.

and use a lot of hot sauce


there's no reason to eat 2g per lb, especially when bulking. lower your protein intake to 1-1.25g/lb and fill in the rest with more carbs & fat. it's easier, tastier, cheaper, and will probably net you better gains too.


I get about 450 on my low carb days with only 4000 kcal too. Just start a food log and you'll see where you can afford to have more calories.


Unless you're on some serious gear, 2g per lb is RETARDED.


200g of protein for breakfast? You're kidding right?


While it may not be retarded, it is unnecessary :wink:


There are guys that 2 grams per pound works well for. It may be overkill, but do you want to risk taking in 1.25 grams per pound and come to find out 1.4 grams per pound would have been more ideal? The extra amount of protein is not going to hurt you. I personally like the taste of meat just as much as carbs, so for me the taste factor does not apply. Well, the only risk to trying 2g/# is a little wasted $ as protein is more expensive than carbs and fat, unless you already have a kidney problem or something like that.

While I don't think it's typically thought about, some adjustment for lean body mass would need to be made, especially if you're over 12-14%.

There are also guys who make gains at .8 grams per pound. Each individual needs to determine what works best for them. Recommendations are just guidlines, and .8-2 grams per pound (lean mass) is probably a pretty good range for any and all strength/bodybuilding/sport specific atheletes.

Try all the approaches and see what works for you. I think that at the end of the day, if you stay in that range recomended, it doesn't matter if you always get the same # of grams per day. Perhaps varying your amount of protein is actually a good idea, i.e. protein cycling and carb cycling. Protein cycling and carb cycling may have limited application to bulking, but they certainly won't hurt your efforts.


Since even severely stressed or burn patients require a range of 1.5-2g /Kg/day of amino acids, which is about .681-.9g /Pound/day, for healing, I'm curious about the reason for this much protein as well.


Yikes. No. Protein powders will be a huge help if you really want to go for 500g a day. I really don't think this is need though.


did you really just type .681g/lb?

Last I checked, we're not burn victims, rather people who are constantly breaking down muscle that needs repairing.

Like someone said earlier, over eating protein isn't the end of the world.