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Tips For Keeping Low BF%


Keeping size is not an issue for me, and my body fat is not high. i just have some problem areas. i am by no means flabby, it is just that i retain some fat on my stomach and a little on the rear area of my my sides. i even have some definition on my abs, but i just can't seem to shake the rest on the lower and middle part of my abs.

i dont eat past 6:30 pm. i run no less than a mile everyday and weight train 5 times a week. and i dont drink sodas the i might have 1-2 diet cokes a day w/ 0 caleries. i work my abs 3-4 times a week. HELP ME PLEASE!!!


I could just imagine ProfX saying something like "do you have a Swiss ball too?" Anyway....

After reading this post, it sounds like you're still a beginner (which I still am too). The biggest help to you is analyzing what you're eating. Fats, carbs, protein, calories, the whole works.

The reason I said newbie was you said not eating after 6:30pm. That doesnt make sense man. If you're eating 5 - 6 meals a day, that doesn't pan out. There are plenty of people that even eat right before bed. So muscle mag told you not to eat after 6:30, not here.

My guess, and two cents, is that you aren't eating enough of what you should, starving yourself other times. Who cares if you're drinking diet soda if you aren't taking in enough water, protein, etc. I bet your body is starving from all the cardio you're doing and weight lifting. So if the body isn't getting enough nutrition, where does it go? To the muscle, and not the fat.

I could be wrong, and if I am, go ahead and correct me.


I agree with Tank that that much cardio combined with weight training 5x/week is probably doing more harm than good. Try reducing the running to maybe once or twice per week and replacing it with high intensity work (e.g. Tabata squats, HIIT, high octane cardio (http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=244high2) etc.)

Tank's also right about eating after 6:30.

Also, despite having zero calories, Diet Coke and other diet drinks can have a negative impact on fat loss since the artificial sweeteners cause an insulin spike. For someone like yourself who is trying to lose that difficult last bit of fat, I'd recommend eliminating it entirely.


I've eaten before bed for the past 5 years , went from 155 to 195lbs w/ visible abs the whole way.


Eat clean (white meat and brown rice) 5-6 times a day, at least. Also, drink at least a gallon of water a day. One thing that always helped me cut down was to ditch cardio and up the weightlifting intensity. Train one body part a day (i.e. one day for chest, legs, shoulders, back, and arms each). If this doesnt tighten you up, then add some interval training back in (aternating between sprinting and jogging in 30 second-1 minute, respectively, cycles), but dont do the regular treadmill garbage, that only works for fat people.


There is some good basic advice here, but I'll tell you my secret. I keep fat in the stomach and love handles just like you.

Every other week, my buddy next door and I drink whisky on friday night. Once we are good and smashed we take turns punching each other in our fatty areas.

It really works! I don't bruise like he does. He has bruises for a week and it's funny as hell to see him with his shirt off....I mean DOZENS AND DOZENS of bruises.

He keeps whining for a medicine ball, but I'm kind of sadistic and like to see how badly I can fuck him up.

It's kind of like our own torso only fight club.


yea bro u gotta eat before u go to bed and right when u wake up. a big breakfast is essential.

Gotta do some high intensity cardio. Sprints and plymetrics.

Focus on simple compound movements.

Lift heavy

5-6 meals a day minimum.


Might also want to try basing a routine around/learning the power versions of the Olympic lifts.

Burn more calories than any other gym lift + all the compound basic goodness you can stomach.

(I.E. good metabolic afterburn.)

After that, my friend, it's all diet.

So keep a good diet log.

Dan "Plus people look at you like a freak. That's what lets you know you're a T-man" McVicker


Rockscar thats the funniest thing I've heard all week - what are you on?

Anyway some good advice here - I'll even keep a few points myself.

High intensity weight training - like Lactic Acid Training - worked quite well for me. I'd calm down a bit on the cardio like others have suggested and focus more on weights from a training perspective...


hey thanks for all the replies. i will up the intensity of the lifting(trying some of the olympic lifts), i will also focus more on explosive cardio training. thanks for the help everyone, i will let you all know how it turns out.