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Tips for Inner Calves?


hi all im new to the nation and am keen on your insight my question.. does anyone know or have some insight of training the inner head of the calves iv made great progress in my calves but still not happy with the inner portion.. any suggestions are much apriciated! cheers!




Just work 'em hard, heavy and frequently.




iirc in maiden's interview thread, Stu and others suggested to work that muscle by using bent-leg calf raises with toes out.

I tried it on seated calf raises the other day and it works for me.


Just based on the anatomy, the medial ("inner") head is part of the gastrocnemius, which is typically trained with straight legs.

But I don't mind being proven wrong by real life results.


lol idk what to tell ya. I went so far as to look it up on exrx awhile ago and I'm still mixed up. but typically when I do a standing straight leg calf raise, my feet extend inwards naturally and the outside of my calf is stimulated well.


cheers guys! yer i hit them hard and frequently just noticing them develping the outer portion at a faster rate.. i go toes out and it seems to get them alittle more pumped i guess ill keep at it untill i can find somthing that hits that area harder!


maltese falcon - when i recovered from a broken foot at 15yrs, my gait had changed completely negating ANY recruitment of the 'inner calf area'. I solved this on a hammer strength uni-lateral legpress,
heels off the pads at the bottom,
slight lean forward from waist and hold the calf area
5 sec stretch at bottom, 5 sec hard flex at top (similar to DC)
as you do this, really 'imagine' the blood flowing through this area and only that part of the musle is doing the work,


When I do seated calf raises with toes out it still hits my tibialis muscle way more than the gastronemius.


caveman101- cheers! sounds like an idea ill give it a shot.


Change the position of your feet. Toes in = out Toes out = "In"

Or something like that.


While the straight knee approach will target the gastroc more, and the seated approach will target the soleus more, it's not actually the ANGLE of the toes that will influence the inner/outer portions to any degree. What will have SOME effect is whether you place the stress at full flexion on you 'ball' of your foot, or on the outer edge/under the pinkie toe of your foot.

The best approach IMO, is to just do what's comfortable toe angle-wise, and with improved size, you will see better results all around.



huh.. I just tried that while sitting down at lunch and whaddayaknow. that explains it perfectly.

thanks Stu!



I do what I can :slight_smile: