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Tips for Improving Your Deadlift: Fixing Your Set-up

I know some of you liked the series that i did on Squats a few months ago so I did one with the Deadlift as the Focus. Check it out if you guys are interested.


found this very informative…great job and thank you

Thank you @Alpha, I tried a couple of tips from this vid yesterday and found an immediate difference in how strong I felt while pulling. Waiting for the next installment.

Also, if possible, could you please touch a few points on an optimal progression plan with deadlifts that you may have found useful.

Thanks guys! Here is part two if you are interested:

And yea @jasper41 I will be making a video about that shortly in the future!

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So here is Part 3 of the “How to Deadlift” Series that I have been putting out. It deals with reverse engineering the deadlift as well as how to identify some of your weakpoints and how to fix them. Check it out if you are interested! Thanks for the Support Everyone!

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Thanks Alpha, very informative vid.

I’ve a question if you don’t mind. What do you think of stiff legged or slightly bent deadlifts from floor as an assistance exercise to improve week start from the ground while pulling?

I love them man. I put them in but didn’t mention them by voice on text on that video. But honestly, i think they have done more for the middle of my deadlift. Front squats and SSB squats have seemed to help me more off the floor but different things definitely work for different people

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