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Tips for Improving Lifts?


Its been almost four months since i have started training for olympic lifts. i find my progress has stopped my snatch best has been 135lbs and clean 195lbs. i have tried the method recommended by John broz on maxing out on squats everyday. sometimes twice a day. please i am really serious about lifting. i need help. i have posted one of my clean videos already


Learning good and consistent technique then smashing your squats up with the lift.

Start with lower hips, hips too high = backing the lift up, when the weight gets heavy you won't be able to do that as well, start with lower hips = use legs

Bending your arms too early to place the bar for the 2nd pull. Keep your arms straight and use your lats to pull the bar in towards your upper thighs.

Speed down is pretty good, squat up is pretty good

Back Squat
-wear shoes dude
-get rid of the stuff behind you
-work hard on keeping your chest up and your torso more upright

Front Squat
-wear shoes bro!
-looks better then your back squat

drive your hips IN as soon as you start to squat up and lean back a tiny when you squat up. This will make squating up easier.

Post up a Jerk and a Snatch video!

Not bad overall. Keep up the good work!



have you tried anything besides boz's stuff? i find that boz's stuff really only works best when you have a really high quality coach like boz himself to help you. i haven't meet anyone that has actually had it work for them when they where on their own. the best way to get better is to get a good coach...i mean look at all the top guys they all have good coaches, that can't just be a coincidence.


no dude. i live in st johns and there is no one here to coach olympic lifts. the university basketball team does those lift. i have spoken to them and already had heated argument about going all the way down to catch those lift. Most of them do the power version of the lift. Do you recommend any program?


Have your squats been goin up? Has your daily squat minimum gone up? Broz would tell you to focus on your squats goin up and perfecting your technique which according to him takes 2 - 6 months his beginner's spend weeks with just the barbell on the lifts.


Yes my squat minimum have definately gone up. and my recovery is insane cause i am squatting 2 times a day sometimes. however my olympic lifts didnt improve that much. i am guessing its a technique issue


just focus on correcting your weakness in your lifts. if your starting position is bad do lift offs (where you take the bar from the ground to just above the knee) then maybe hi pulls then go from the hang. start at about 50% with triples of each and work up. so it would look lk 50% (3+3+3) add weight (3+3+3) add weight (3+3+2) add weight (3+2+2) add weight (3+2+1) do the top weight complex for 3 sets. then go to squats but use more planning w/ them instead of blindly going in and squatting for a top weight. just make sure you chose the right lifts, it would make much sense to use lift offs and high pulls if ur weakness is receiving the bar.


Thanks a lot boldar. should i eliminate cleaning completely for a while and come back at it when i sort out my lifting issues?


Do the technique work and then tranistion to actual lifting trying to stick with the technique your learning. Do not drop the lifts out.

Hammer your squats.

IT IS A TECHNIQUE ISSUE that is limiting your lifting.

Just be patient and focus on it and get as strong as you can. Top lifters have good technique due to the coaching they get early on.

A routine is not going to magically make you a better lifter. Spending hrs and hrs doing bar work and lifting with good technique will help you to get good technique.



yeah don't throw the lifts completely out just spend less time on them and make sure you can translate the corrective lifts over to the full lifts. at first you probably shouldn't go to heavy on the full lifts to make sure you keep the best technique possible. then as ur tech gets better and you keep good tech at higher and higher percents you'll be able to go heavier more often. focus of doing the lift correctly instead of getting the most weight overhead.