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Tips for HGH After Surgery?


I am looking to start a using HGH to speed up rehab after an upcoming ACL Surgery. Any tips on how may iu's, best place inject ( I read injecting around the injury has benefits) or just fatty tissue ?

How long after surgery should I wait to start taking it and how long should I take it for?


There are many threads here that have plentiful info pertaining to your questions.

Please read up and make your own determination.

BBB has some exceptional offerings in this area.




I suggest to you wait with your gh use untill the wound has healed and the swelling and inflamtion has receded, and rehab phase has begun.

Gh could concievably contribute to the edema in your post surgical leg, Which inturn decreases fresh blood supply...complicating recovery, and leaving you more supceptable to infection.


You might want to consider platelet rich plasma injections and then HGH once it has healed.


Thanks. Any isight on how many iu's I should use ?


15-35 iu per week range seems fine to me ... but I'm no expert bushidobadboy would probably have more insight into that