Tips for Going Dairy-Free?

So I have been having more digestion problems than normal…a number or years ago I was diagnosed with IBS, and so I have had to try to adjust what I eat to that. However, the past few months it has gotten worse for sure, so I am attempting to cut back or even cut out dairy to see if that helps at all. However, I am wondering about any tips for that? What dairy free milk (almond vs oat for example) is preferred? Any advice in cutting out dairy would be appreciated cause I have never done that before

I love almond milk plain for cooking and flavored for drinking. No longer buy cows milk or cheese because it contains Histamine. Goat cheese is very tasty as well lots to choose from, slices, shredded, spreads blocks you get the idea I find more choices at a whole foods or natural grocers.


Have you ventured down the fancy aisle at a nice grocery store yet?

There is a dairy-free version of everything.

Even sour cream.


I could google it but…what are histamines? Also while reading your post I reminded myself of goat milk…I do like the taste of that stuff. Thanks for the response

I don’t normally go in the fancy part but I will take a look thanks

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Many people have reactions to histamines. The biggest one is it causes congestion in your sinuses. More and thicker mucus.


I went down the almond milk route a couple of years ago when cutting calories, i stick it in my oats/shakes etc and don’t notice any difference. I tried some full fat milk a while back just for the taste and gave me awful stomach cramps so yeah I’m sticking with almond.

My daughters also got a dairy intolerance so I’m used to looking at all the labels but to be honest it’s not too difficult to avoid dairy. You get it sometimes in cooking sauces such as the cook in the bag things or pasta sauces. On the sweet tooth front if you have on high concentrate dark chocolate (85%+) tends to be dairy free. Think pretty much the only dairy I tend to have is cottage cheese and greek or icelandic yogurt but as someone else has pointed out there’s plenty of substitutes around with more people doing the vegan thing these days

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