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Tips for Getting a Flat Stomach?


Hi this is my first post on this forum if this post needs to be moved please let me know.

I have been going to the gym for about 2 1/2 months now. I run about 2 miles 4 to 5 days a week with some light weight lifting after when it is nice outside I ride my bike for 4 miles. Over all I am happy with my appearance except for my stomach. My stomach has some "chub" to it. Does anyone have any tips or workouts that I can flatten my stomach with?

My diet consists of no soda and little sugar. The most sugar I consume would be from a poptart in the mornings and iced tea from dinner. I usually eat a ham sammich for lunch with water to drink and dinner is usually chicken or some kind of meat with canned vegetables on the side. I consume very little fast foods.

So is there anything that I am doing wrong?

Age: 19
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185

And if anyone has any good workouts please share! any help is


What you need to do is reduce your bodyfat.

For starters, changing 'light weight lifting AFTER running' into the focus of your workouts will most likely help you find what you seek.

In the meantime, stick around T-Nation and keep reading. Search the archives; you'll find many great things to help guide your journey.


x2 lose bodyfat, that is the only way to flatten that baby out.

Read the nurtition and training articles on here, as well as articles on getting lean. Pick a routine from these training articles that meets your needs and hit that shit. Learn it. Live it. Love it! :slight_smile:


So to re-iterate what has already been said and give you some tips:

Workout for 45-60min with a beginner program, (2 sets of 12 reps of squats, bench, military press, and anything else you have time for)

Then do cardio for 15-30min after, try and make 30min your goal.

As for diet. Count Calories, multiply your bodyweight by 8-10 and don't eat more calories than that.

Diet is super important, maybe document it a little more. And don't eat pop-tarts, a protein shake in the morning if your in a hurry.

One more thing... Cut carbs to reach those calorie numbers, eat 1g of protein per pound bodyweight, and at least a few grams of monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats.

If you do all that for a month and haven't made progress, then your doing something wrong.

Also if you want you can take a fat-burner before your cardio and workouts and always do cardio on an empty stomach in the morning or after working out.


I was told the reason for my chub is that I am not getting enough calories and my body is holding onto my fat on my stomach.


2 miles a running session is too little for any significant fat loss. try running 3x times a week, but increase the mileage. Increase that bike time, try going on a road drip (20+ miles) once a week, etc. Try being on the bike at least an hour other days.

In know it sounds contraproductive, but try eating a bit more protein and start with heavy lifting, you'll lose the flab faster if you have more muscle and if you have killer workouts.


That too.

Actually, don't eat a bit more protein, eat a lot more protein.


Your 2 biggest problems;

1/ Nutrition. You're horrible at it. You need to go through the Nutrition Article Archive and start reading.

2/ Training. You need to start lifting properly. Not just "light weights after cardio when it's nice outside". Your body needs to hold on to what little muscle it has while you try to loose some of your "Chub", the only way to preserve that muscle is to lift heavy.

There are enough Training articles on fat loss in the Training Archives that you can read as well. Educate yourself, and you will succeed!




or if your carb tolerant, waffels....


you asked the same question on pbnation.


Ha, no way? I haven't been on that board in forever, but I really should swing by to catch craziness like this. I remember it having a pretty "bodybuilding.com-type" random feel to it.

Long distance cardio and "light weight lifting" isn't what we want to be doing. We want to add some muscle onto your frame, so you'll be stronger, faster, and more importantly, have a more solid build.

Instead of whatever you're doing, jump onto this program three or four days a week. Renaissance Body Development:

It has you doing some smart, heavy weight training to build muscle, as well as some different types of cardio to help drop whatever fat you might want to drop.

I'm glad you're happy with where you're at, but any chance you'd be up for posting a picture (from the front and/or side) to see what's what?

You know what I don't really see mentioned? Breakfast. Cliche as it sounds, it really is one of the most important meals of the day and it should also be one of the biggest, even if you're trying to get a "flat stomach."

What, specifically, did you eat all day yesterday?

For a more nailed down nutrition plan, read The Athlete Diet and try to implement some of those basic tips:


Complete and utter BS... Like if you start eating your chub will go away? Total crap.

Eat less, do more cardio, and do more of what I already listed above.

Make sure your sweating your balls off for 30 min. when your running. You ain't soaked in sweat when your done, you didn't try.

Aim for 4-5miles if you don't wanna time your cardio.


This feels like such a straightforward and basic question, no offense :S

Fix up your breakfast, try getting eggs in, if not, boil eggs and take em after.
Else, just get lots of meat too, other then that

I think that later on, if you ever plan to do heavy weights, I reccomend a pre-bed meal that would be viable, for weight gain.
Because, I gained about 8 pounds, but, felt A LOT thinner with pre-bed meals, of course, they only consisted of milk cottage cheese and such.
Oddly enough, my lifts still increased slowly (still only doing DEADZ at 315 :frowning: :P)

Just keep working up on the diet, it's weak at the moment, mainly because of your breakfast, but, just move on up.

Anyway, I'm sure your some elementary kid or highschool kid, because I have the vary same issue with lunch
I'm trying to remove ALL bread from my diet, but, it's simply too hard. My mom keeps making my lunch but, I have nothing really to put a salad in or something good.

Anyway, summer's in now, I can eat and run as much as I want now :smiley: