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Tips for Forearms/Calves Growth?

Toe strike running…


Toe strike running in vibrams destroys my calves more than any weighted workout ever has.

I have nothing for you on calves sorry.

Forearms though, take up a bit of rock climing.


You don’t even have to get into all the ropes and shit, just do some bouldering. For real try it.

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Re Fat Gripz: As a long lanky ecto, forearms have never come easy for me, so I got Fat Gripz a couple of years ago and gave them a try. I quickly developed the worst case of forearm tendinitis I’ve ever had–took ~4 months to clear up. Some people have great success with them, but I wasn’t one of them.[/quote]

Well shit, that really sucks! I just used them today for the first time (they came in the mail yesterday) and I’m actually using them try and help strengthen my forearm because I’ve got a case of golfer’s elbow. My forearms were definitely fried and really pumped by the end of my workout and din’t feel bad at all.

I’m wondering though, has anyone successfully used them to help rehab elbow/forearm tendonitis injuries like tennis elbow/golfer’s elbow?[/quote]

I am pretty sure 2 posters wrote about improving tendonitis on this thread

Reread it again, a couple of posters actually had to quit early because they started to feel tendonitis in their elbows and shoulders, most likely from the pull ups. I won’t risk my arm because it is feeling better but the last time it was feeling better and I attempted pull ups even with a neutral grip, the uncomfortable feeling came right back into my elbows.

@Nikh Yeah the soreness from today in my forearms made me rethink about using it for both pulling days that will cause me to probably take this out for the bicep exercises. Right now I’m doing a 4 day split but I think I’ll lay off using them till my arm feels better.

I wish I could go back and completely avoid doing that Serge Nubret Pump training, I stopped doing it in October and I’m still feeling the damage.

But also to add to the thread and not completely hijack it, those links that Iron Dwarf posted on the first page are definitely worth a read, that “Pop-pop” method described in the thread started by Akuma really hits the calves.

use fat gripz extreme on arm day, start off every third workout/alternating weeks

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For forearms, I suggest buying some fatgripz. They definitely work the hell out of your forearms.

For calves, I have been doing a giant superset and have had good results.

Calf Press 33 reps toes in, 33 toes forward, 33 toes out
Standing calf raise 33 toes in, 33 toes forward, 33 toes out.

1x200 is all you need to make your calves grow. It hurts like hell :D[/quote]

…but…but…that’s only 198 reps…trollololol