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Tips for Eating at Work


I feel like I eat pretty solidly when I work but its getting super boring and therefor unmotivating to eat the same shit. Breakfast I don't have a choice on its always gonna be 8 eggs and a big ass bowl of oatmeal with a banana. Its throughout the day that I'm lookin for some advice on, because now its a PBJ, 3 turkey sandwiches, some brown rice or pre-cooked sweet potato, some broccoli, and of course Cytogainer shakes inbetween. Does anyone have anything more creative thats still decently simple to make? Thanks.


quinoa and ground turkey in a tupperware.. do u have a microwave at work?

vegetables drenched in hummus and walnuts is also a favorite snack of mine


If you don't have an aversion to tinned tuna mash it up with avocado i've had this a couple of times with veg/salad at work after a recommendation on here and its the shit.

I also have apple and peanut butter
Natural Yoghurt and fruit

and i make a big batch of chili con carne or boston beef and baked bean hotpot on a Sunday and bring that in every day also.

Nuts are always good.




Casein Hydrolysate


4 eggs



When I'm a work I don't want to "make" anything. I want stuff I can grab and eat. I try to always have a little package of walnuts (healthy fat) on my desk. In my filing cabinet is a stash of canned tuna, some jerky, and some mini-cans of coconut milk. Slamming a can of coconut milk is hardly a "normal" thing to do so I try to keep it on the DL :wink:

The next time I get a big order of protein I'm finally going to remember to order a little extra for the office.




Most of my work eating habits aren't "normal"

7:26 and I'm eating 6oz of ham and almonds. Most people are used to it now but I got lots of weird looks and questions when I started here.

I'm either the "weird food guy" or the "healthy guy"


In my desk I have those tuna pouches that come in various flavors; I also keep heat and serve brown rice bowls; and small cans of vegetables with the pull ring top so I don't need a can opener.

In the breakroom microwave I heat all ingredients in a large disposable bowl (tuna, brown rice, and veggies) for a quick meal.

I get weird looks when I bring all that shit in because I kinda tend to buy in bulk.


You get weird looks because you're the guy that makes the office smell like tuna and broccoli.



And oatmeal.

Problem solved.


Yeah. You're probably right.

I also keep protein bars and RTD protein shakes in my desk.


I feel sorry for you guys. That's gotta be the best part of an at home job. I eat whatever/whenever I want lol.


Cook a few of 5lb meals once or twice per week (ie Sundays and Wednesdays, or double on Sundays). Pack in some sort of tupperware like containers. Pack additional sides like nuts or whatever. Take a few of each to work each day and eat. Repeat on next weekend.

If you do your cooking in big batches once or twice a week it's a hell of a lot easier to experiment with new/interesting/slightly more complicated recipes and meal ideas. If there are particular ethnic foods you like, get a cookbook or two from those and start experimenting on one of those days off.

Make it the way the book suggests the first time, then start experimenting with variations and cutting corners until you've distilled it down to something easy, mass-producible, appetizing and suitably health. Rinse and repeat with new recipes before you burn out on the last. Commit six months to this and you'll be set on food ideas for a few years.


Make a protein shake and take with you.

1 1/4 cup milk
half cup of almonds
2 banana
1/4 tsp vanilla extract (or more if you want a stronger flavor)
ground cinnamon sprinkled on top
1 or 2 scoops of unflavored protein powder

grind up the almonds in a blender first.
add everything else but the cinnamon and blend until you think it is well mixed, then blend for another minute
cinnamon on top

I have used almond milk instead of regular milk and it wasn't bad.


Yeah. Working from home would be the ideal situation.

I almost have it as good. I work 3 on and 4 off, then 4 on 3 off. On my days off I am an efficient eating machine.


EGH! Are you kidding me? He's looking for something delicious to eat at work...weirdo.



I also keep protein bars and RTD protein shakes in my desk.

x2 I keep a tub of protein in my office and have a stack of protein bars in the desk.