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Tips for Dropping Weight Class


Im currently at 280ish and competed in the 308s last meet(SPF Branson, Raw). Problem is I have two teammates in the 275s and I'd like to drop to the 259's. Currently running Sheiko 29 and have another meet in late January. I really don't want excessive cardio or diet to interfere with my Sheiko cycles. Any tips or secrets from fellow big guys on dropping with the least pain possible and not sabotaging their numbers?

5'10 281(today) bf above 20%


I'm not a huge guy but lost about 6kg from August to October with nearly no strength compromise.

Do it over a long period time and slowly if you can. This is kind of what I did:

Lots of protein. Did use protein shakes for awhile and always drank after workout or 1 hour after starting my workout. Mostly for convenience.

Carbs on lifting day. If you're going to be lowering calories/carbs, make sure to give yourself extra on your lifting days. Big breakfasts.

I kept weight heavy and reps often low. Usually training 1-3RM almost all the time.

find EASY ways to cut calories. I live in Japan and eat a lot of rice/noodles. So I cut those portions in half. Other examples: if you drink milk, just switch to non-fat. If you drink 2L of milk a day, drink 1L.

I think it's a lot easier to "count" portions and make a mental image of them, versus counting calories. If you keep your diet consistent and it doesn't change that much, when you do make some changes to it you'll be able to assess it a lot easier. You'll see the impact on your weight and training, so when it comes time to assess what you are doing it is much easier to think about "Maybe cutting my milk from 2L-1L a day was too much" versus "I went from 3500->3000 calories a day".


Could probably do it the week of to be honest. 20 lbs for the bigger weight classes isn't as dramatic as it is for the lower ones. I drop about 16 to make the 181's in the week before/day before weigh in.


24hr weigh in?


Yah. Most I'll drop for a 2 hour weigh in would be 6-7 lbs.


You only really need to lose ten pounds-ish until you are with in ten pounds of your weigh in weight.

First off lose ten pounds any way you like, it can be easy and slow or it can be quick and painful.
If someone tells you it can be quick and easy they are full of sh*t.
Losing ten pounds can be done in 2-3 weeks if you go balls out.

2nd, suck the last ten pounds by manipulating water retention prior to a meet.

72 hours out: avoid carbs
48 hours out: avoid sodium
24 hours out: drink minimal water

After the weight in *DRINK a meal and throw some salt into it.
**I recommend Surge Recovery with plenty of quick digesting sugars but it's your choice.


jacob is in the 275?



no bro. on the p house team. Jacobs being a little bitch about how hes getting fat so hes stopped gaining weight. Brooks and Curtis are both 275 raw.


excellent tip. thank you. So if i get down to about 265 and follow that protocol i should be good to go. also, are you the lones from the b9 board?


Nope, different Lone. Sorry


Tell jacob to quit bein a bitch. If he is worried about putting on too much fat, do what I was talkin to you about last night and start hammerin away at the prowler


I'd like to apply these tips. Weighed in at 356 Lbs, at my meet this saturday. Would like to get down to about 300-315. Not in a hurry though.


ah cool.


we really need to but its hard to put in a respectable cardio session after Sheiko. Next cycle we'll get with it


Dont yall only train 3 days a week?



3 more days than you train a week.


Dammit, you have revealed the truth, Im actually some fat 35 year old who lives in his parents basement