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tips for dinner

ok here’s the deal. I’m interested in my best friend’s little sister’s babysitter. she is a year older than me, and I usually only see her when my family goes to my best friends house and her family is there. (I’m 20 years old) After thanksgiving i got really interested in her, so i was going to try to hang out with her over the Christmas break from school. Then i get a call from my mom saying we were just invited to her house for christmas eve dinner. weird because our family only knows them through my best friends family. so i think she might like me. anyway, any tips for things to do or don’t do, like chew with your mouth shut, dont’ talk with a mouth full of food, etc? thanks for any help.

Don’t brag but do join in on conversations. Don’t slurp or drink too much alcohol. Don’t talk sports unless she instigates it. Smile a lot. Ask her questions about what she is doing with her life…not her sex life though. Shine your shoes. Don’t wag your wienie at her in front of her parents. Don’t talk religion or politics. Think of a few things she might be interested in before you go such as mutual friends, school, etc. Don’t bring your crack pipe. Don’t think the dinner party is for you and her…they probably just like your parents and want to get to know them better. Don’t talk about ex girlfriends. Don’t pick your nose. Don’t pick her nose. Don’t act nonchalant…it can be interpreted as indifference to her. Don’t wear tight pants. Don’t pee on the toilet seat. Don’t be nervous but remember this above all…only YOU can fuck up the whole rest of life that night. :slight_smile:

Make sure that you sit across from her and rub her leg with your foot during dinner.

Make circular motions around her nipples…er, what I mean to say is ask her what she’s been up to.

the number one thing you should know: Don’t talk about yourself the whole time. Quick turn off. Ask questions, lots of em, about oth4er people. And SMILE.

And no having dessert while on your knees under the table.