Tips For Dealing With Elbow Pain


Anybody got any good tips for dealing with elbow pain…

More specifically I think its tennis elbow style tendonitis(pain on upturning palm, general feelings of uneasy aching plus clicking of the elbow when rotating palm through 180)

It started last year and I cant seem to shift it. Rested it for five weeks late last year but its come back again.

Currently resting it again and avoiding the specific exercise that I think caused it (seated bench press on a machine) but it still wont quite go away…

Using Ibuprofen Gel on the affected area at the moment

Mega-Dosing Flameout.

I’m not a doctor, but from what I understand, tendonitis is due to an inflammation in the elbow socket. A ton of fishoil taken over a long period of time (12g/day for a month) can reduce or eliminate the symptoms, and get you back on training faster.

That said, it’s a lot of fish oil, and it’s pretty expensive (12g/day is 1 Flameout bottle a week, which is $120 over the course of a month).