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Tips for Dealing with a Tight Shoulder?

do u guys have any suggestions and healing a tight shoulder I’ve been icing it and stretching but should I be doing anything else and how long should It take to heal

“Tight” is really vague. Seeing a doctor would be wise if the pain is bad.

In the mean time: band pull aparts and face pulls 100 of each per day.

^This plus https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-improve-thoracic-spine-mobility (really helpful)
and also hanging from a bar 4 x 30 secs

Face pulls? Wouldn’t that make it worse if I’m working the shoulders while they hurt

Depends. There are a dozen different ways to injure the shoulder. If you have constant pain in the 9-10 range you need to see a real doctor.

My real doctor told me to do band work to rehab my injury and avoid surgery. Yours may not.