Tips for Combine This Saturday?

  • What should I do the day/night before? I was planning on walking through my 40 yard dash form and 3 cone drill forms (not full speed) this Friday afternoon. I was also looking to stretch the night before and load up on carbs for energy the next day.

  • What stretches should I do the night before? And what stretches should I do before I run my 40 yard dash? thanks for the help guys.

I thought you’d made a typo and had a concubine coming up on Saturday and this was going to be another silly SAMA thread.

My bad. Carry on.

I’ve got one this Saturday also (Dallas here).

I’ve not lifted since Monday, stretched, jogged, got a massage, and done some pushups to keep loose but not over tax the muscles.

Working on form a little. No full sprints, just some good stretching.

I’d pack something you can eat thats light yet got some carbs. I do PB sandwiches, bannana’s and water. Try to stay loose the entire time.

I know some guys keep trying to drink water for the weigh in part, but i’m a big fan of not overdoing it and bloating myself and affecting my overall feeling.

I’ve got the 1pm - 6pm heat so I have the advantage of that (though its a 1.5 hour drive to the location from where i’m at).

Good luck and hope you do well!

What have you been doing previously to prepare for sprints? Its probobly not a good idea to completely switch up what you are doing right before it counts.