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Tips For College?


I'm going to school outside Baltimore - completely unfamiliar with the area(Towson if it makes any difference) - in a week and a half and I was wondering if anyone had any useful info or tips for really anything pertaining to bodybuilding while at school? Suggestions for local gyms, whatever...



doesn't the university have a gym?

go there. easier to pick up chicks then at the bars/clubs IMO

if you're forced to buy a meal plan your freshman year, take advantage of that. most cafeterias let you eat as much as you want.

don't neglect training.

don't become an antisocial doushe and sell out friends/parties/girls because 'i have to maintain my body as a temple' or whatever.

go to class.

5 dollar footlongs. quizno's 2nd sub for a buck, and 5 dollar large pepperoni pizza's are freaking awesome.


Cici's. That place is heaven.


Ya dude, just make sure your hitting the gym and eating enough.

If you got the meal plan, maybe its better to do a little more cardio then worry about the shit your going to be eating.

party. have fun. freshman year is a blast.

5 dollar footlongs, and (gasp) wendys dollar menu when your in a pinch for calories.

2 double cheeseburgers and crispy chicken every squat and deadlift day :slightly_smiling:


and keep a condom in your wallet, zing!


Towson has a lot of hot girls, and a favorable girl to guy ratio. Good choice.


hmmm, or dont.

"sorry baby I dont have a condom, let me put it in the butt instead, you can't get pregnant!"


I agree with this, as well girls are masters at hiding excess flab with their clubbing clothes... in gym clothes not so much :wink:



thanks jehova.

it already burns when i pee


mmmmm, there is a Wendy's 200 yards from my house. 1,500 cals, 120 grams of protein and tasty too...


I will be a senior there and I will be more than happy enough to give you tips on what worked and didn't work while I was going to school at Towson.

In other words, if you're serious enough, I can take you under my wing since I live in an apartment that is nearby.

I went from 135 to 160 (freshman) to 208 (sophomore) stayed there junior year and got back to 180 (senior) at 5'8. Freshman year I hit the cafeteria only as my main food source while it was only 2 meals a day, I recall staying there at least 1 hr each drinking a ton of whole milk and having to deal with their shitty food (some foods are decent but get tiring as hell after a month). The first thing that comes to mind is to be good with your social interactions with the lunch ladies and they will magically grant more turkey on your sandwiches but don't take it too far because some of them are desperate (dear God). I got up to 208 when I started going to a wholesale called BJs (basicly another costco/sam's club but named after a blow job) and learning how to prepare meals ahead of time. I was no where near lean but it allowed me to get lifts like a 500 deadlift and 405 atg squat for 2 after about 2-2.5 years of training and my first year of training was an absolute joke (doing every noobie mistake imaginable).

SAVE your money and lift at Towson's gym, that's part of your tuition money. There are TONS of frat curls and other stupid shit happening left and right but there is 1 power rack, a couple of benches and barbells which is all you really need. Sadly the DBs only go up to 100lbs (lol instead of buying another power rack they buy a new smith machine...) It's not like Maryland's gym with a rediuclous amount of benches and power racks. But it will get the job done.

I'll send you a PM letting you know the best places to get your food on campus and my favorite places to go buy fresh food. Hopefully you got your car on campus.


that just made my night


Bring a steak and gallon of milk to class if your professor allows food consumption.


Some good things that I do now that I wish I would have thought of before-

For milk, take your backpack into one of the all you can eat cafeterias if you have a meal plan, and put milk in a bottle, then when you leave just take it with you. If you think that this is wrong, consider this- you would have drank their milk anyways. You're just drinking it later, in a different location.

Panda Express has plenty of ways to pile up 1000+ calories and 50-60 grams of protein for like 6 bucks. You can eat half before a workout, then the other half after.

Be careful with protein bars. I know they're convenient for a college kid but a lot of them have a lot of soy protein.

Peanut butter is cheap and decent. Protein and fat.

Cans of tuna fish, and Wolf's Beef Chili With Beans, plus a cheap microwave. Economical and decent for you. And delicious.

These are just a bunch of tips from someone who can't get a whole bunch of financial support from the parents, so has to be very cheap. Most of my money comes from a monthly Marine stipend, and I live decently off of that.


Mettahal has some good advice.

Some other quick advice when you're on the go (top of my head)

Get a blender and make sure to stock up on whey. You'll be amazed how much time this saves when it comes it bringing a portable meal that is easy to ingest. Just an idea: Greek Yogurt, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 2 Scoops of your favorite protein powder, peanut butter, flax seed, blueberries or any other fruit, spinach (the protein overpowers the taste of spinach, you can't taste it), whole raw eggs (optional, I did this plenty of times no problem) and ice cubes. Blend it up. Put it in a good quality 24oz cup holder and you got yourself a portable anabolic shake.

Another tip that just came out of my head:

Make your own protein bars. Mix in oatmeal, flax (if you want), and protein powder in a giant bowl and add in hot water. Put in a tsp of more hot water to better mix it. It should be a hard texture. Put it in Seran wrap and divide it into bars. Put it in the fridge or freezer and bring it with you to lectures, work, w/e pops up. You can be pretty creative with this thing so experiment.