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Tips For College Athletes?

Any collegiate athletes out there? What sport do you/did you play? I am considering transferring from my Community college to the state college and playing football. Any tips?

I played football at the University of Pittsburgh. I am assumming you are going to be a walk-on.
You really have to want this.
Have patience.
Contact the coaches in the summer or fall, informing them of your intentions. Tell them you want to join the team in the winter. That way, you’ll have all winter and summer to get their attention by the time the season begins.

what are some of your stats, like hight weight and lifting numbers along with 40 yard dash time?

My advice is to not avoid explosive lifts such as hang and powercleans, push presses, jerks, box jumps ect. “Look Good” muscles wont help you run faster.

BP: 225
DL: 410
SQ: 370

No clue on 40. Any chance? What are the lifts of the usual collegiate athlete? Thanks.

What position are you trying to be?

I played Defensive End in High School, so probably DE.

sup man, i play football at northeastern university in boston (div 1-aa) and i was in your position a few months ago. i’m a freshman and i didn’t play in the fall, but i walked on in november after the season was over. this way, in the fall i will be a freshman on the field and the coaches know who i am.

in terms of size based on what i’ve seen here: your fine but you could put on some more weight (never a bad thing). our coaches love explosive movements and they work so use them whenever you can.

in terms of strength: your squat and deadlift are good, but there is always room for improvement as with everything. definitely get that bench press up though. don’t overdo it–just keep working at it and it will improve.

lastly, when you go out just show the coaches you want to be there by working hard and being on time. they love that. if they ask you to do something you’re not used to, do it full speed cuz even if you screw up, they see that you’re going balls to the way and you want to be there.

this is all just my opinions based on my experience so far. good luck bro, let us know how it all goes.


What division is the college?

Im just out of high school, i was recruited to University of North Dakota (Division 1 - AA). I was recruited as a wide receiver. I am 6’4" about 200lbs. I squat about 415, Bench Press 285, i never deadlift so don’t have numbers there, but i run the 40 in 4.57.

You should try to figure out this time some how, it is a pretty common questions asked by coaches. I spend a lot of time doing hang cleans, front squats, and power cleans. These lifts are what the strength coaches told me to be good at when i come in.

I suggest giving the teams strength coach a call and seeing what advice he has for you.

Hey I need some tips from some weightlifters. Im a senior in high school and im playing college football next year. I’m suppost to start as a freshman. The thing is, i’ve never really lifted.

Im 17, im 6’3 215. I bench probably 275, squat close to 400. I need some tips on how to gain speed and strength, i work out now everyday, but i could still use some help. Thanks

At Pitt I played DE/OLB, a “tweener.” A DE needs a good bench to lock out and shed 300 lb. linemen. If you have a weaker bench, or short arms, try out for linebacker and work on your speed.

The most important thing is to be committed to train hard and smart. I’m 23 going back to play college ball not really sure what I’m going to play, but it’s D3. You really have to make a serious comittment to getting your body ready for football again.

Hey Brother. Good luck on the change to college sports. I also played at a Div. 1 school, got deployed to the middle east and am going to walk-on again this fall. my stats-

6’2" 230 lb
30" vert.
4.6 40 yd
370 BP
460 SQ
560 DL
300 Hang Clean
I will probably play fullback or linebacker. i don’t really have a preference, i just want to hit someone.

get stronger. How? stay in the 6 rep range while training. this is optimal for power gains without injury. don’t worry about how you look. nobody cares how your abs look when you are knocking somebody’s head off. train the hell out of your posterior chain by doing back extensions, romanian deadlifts, and stretching. absolutely do push presses, power/hang cleans, deadlifts, squats, and incline and flat bench presses.

make sure you do not slack on the incline presses as that may be more important to playing than flat bench presses. flat presses are good for the combine, but incline presses are the best for playing, as you are pushing with a forward lean, not standing straight up. also do squat jumps, and box step-ups. this helps explosiveness off the line

The first thing I would tell you is, it isn’t high school. College football is a whole different animal. That being said I would search for any Joe DeFranco article you can find, as he is considered the man when it comes to training for football.

I was on a D2 scholarship this past year on a playoff team and I have since transfered to a JUCO to get re-recruited. I like a lot of olympic lifting, especially this time of year. Good luck man