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Tips for Calves and Biceps?

Been lifting serious for 3 years, currently just turned 19. Everything seems to grow besides my calves and my biceps, I have a hard time getting my biceps to look more full, any tips?

Thanks guys.

Read the logs by Christian Thibaudeau always located at the top of the most popular topics in forums. You’re young. Keep lifting.

What are you currently doing for your calves and biceps?

How frequently are you hitting those muscles? For biceps do more rowing and back work in general. You can do upper back every day you lift if you want, it pays off.

[quote]Gio-luigi wrote:
Everything seems to grow besides my calves and my biceps[/quote]
In the last three years, how much bodyweight have you gained?

Profile says you’re 6’2", 190, and 8% bodyfat. If that percentage is anything close to accurate, when you’re that lean at your height, it’s hard to look “full” unless you’re also carrying more weight. However, those numbers should have you looking pretty solid anyhow. Can you toss up a pic?

Like Steez and Parker said, we need to know how you’re currently training so we know what changes to recommend.

What does your current whole week look like? The days, exercises, sets, and reps.