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Tips for Building the Neck?

Anybody has any tips for building the neck?

For sports or in general?

Farmers walk and trap bar dealifts made my neck noticeably bigger… used to do some neck harness but never finded the groove of it so i abandoned it! Still interested in making it bigger

Just want thicc neck sir

interesting. so within the last several months, you have gone from wanting to build a nice, aesthetic v-taper, to ‘just want thicc neck’.

I like it.


Play rugby…

My neck noticeably shrunk after I stopped deadlifting…so deadlift would be my advice.

Join a metal / hardcore band?

Deadlifts are pretty good for neck size.

Google ‘Takeo Spikes’.

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I was not disappointed! I mean, what on earth is the collar size on his shirts?


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Heavy compound lifts