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Tips for Building the Neck?

Anybody has any tips for building the neck?

For sports or in general?

Farmers walk and trap bar dealifts made my neck noticeably bigger… used to do some neck harness but never finded the groove of it so i abandoned it! Still interested in making it bigger

Just want thicc neck sir

interesting. so within the last several months, you have gone from wanting to build a nice, aesthetic v-taper, to ‘just want thicc neck’.

I like it.


Play rugby…

My neck noticeably shrunk after I stopped deadlifting…so deadlift would be my advice.

Join a metal / hardcore band?

Deadlifts are pretty good for neck size.

Google ‘Takeo Spikes’.

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I was not disappointed! I mean, what on earth is the collar size on his shirts?


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Heavy compound lifts

I’ve actually had the dreaded pencil neck for my entire life, even though the rest of my body was getting bigger from my bulking efforts. I’ve also tried the head harnesses, working up to decent weight, the harness with the band (Neck Flex) but they didn’t really work so after a while I would give up using them.

I’ve tried the neck crunches with a plate resting in a towel on your head and then the reverse neck curl with better results. What I’ve found works for this is if you really feel the weight and do the neck crunches slowly, I have done 30kg neck crunches but explosive/quick reps don’t stimulate the neck as much as very slow and controlled. I even dropped down to 10kg but with 4 secs up, 5 secs down on the eccentric.

Then people will mention shrugs, others will say this doesn’t work the neck but actually, this is great for your neck routine especially if you build up to heavy weight - 4-5 plates on each side or more, at least 12 reps per set. Experiment with your head positioning, I like to tilt the head slightly upwards, chin in. For a great superset do these with Hiise shrugs on the calf machine with no rest

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Grow a long beard so your head blends in with your traps

I truly don’t understand this obsession some folks have with the size of their neck. Having a big neck sucks. When my neck started growing, all my dress shirts stopped fitting at the neck. That’s annoying, not cool.

I mean, I understand wanting a big, strong neck. In contact sports, it’s one of your best assets. Also, It looks intimidating and completes a power look. What I don’t understand is people now a days want a 20” neck with a 160 pound body, 15” arms and have never squatted it deadlifted a day in their life. That’s the part that really makes no sense to me.

Bench press. Deadlifts. All rowing. Eat a lot. Lift heavy. Sleep well.

My neck is 20.5 at 242 BW.

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Amazing how that works isn’t it? The guys you mention what that power look but want to do it on their own terms.


Aside from the main compound lifts; Face pulls from the cable machine has had the best results for training my neck and shoulders. I do 4 sets of 10+ reps. I will go up to 20-25 reps before I add an additional 2.5-5lbs of weight. My core/posture fails first so it’s absolutely necessary to find ways to add a variety of resistance or alternative methods with out going to heavy. I have built a decent neck with this lift.

Josh Bryant just published a new jailhouse strong book only for neck and traps training… i got it on sale on amazon and its really good tbh