Tips for Bringing Up Arms?

Anyone have advice for bringing up weak arms. Currently sitting at 15 1/2 inch and really wanting to bring them up some. I feel they’re really, really weak looking. Could be my genetics, small wrists and bone structure. It annoys me because I have wide shoulders, a big ass and legs, but arms are just meh. Just started super squats 3 to 4 days a week to try and get my strength up. I’m thinking about hitting arms on the days I’m not doing the Squat plan. Any suggestions would be helpful. I would really like to build a good physique. I started a training blog here with a picture of my current physique. I started hitting the weights in October. Thanks again. Training log

Super squats has got some arm training in it already, and is focused on weight gain. Those 2 things are 2 of 3 things you need for big arms. The third thing is time.

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I typically did a push/legs/pull and arms a weak part for me too. I did make improvements when i added a stand alone arm day with john meadows split with a quicker rest day instead of his typical 6 on 1 off


9-12 sets each of bicep triceps. Make sure to put muscle in exercises that load the streched position, contracted posiiton, and train the brachiallis.

Hammer curl heavy
seated curl on high incline (loaded during stretched position)
spider curl (hard during contracted)

Close grip bench or tricep dips (overload heavy and hit lateral head)
skull crusher/JM press or Tricep extensions
Behind the neck extensions or declined Skulls to hit long head

sometimes i superset sometimes i dont


Someone had mentioned that you did the super squats program. How long did you end up running it for?

Thanks, if im too weak for SS I’ll check this out.

6 weeks per the prescription. Back in 2006 or 07.

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Okay cool. Seems like a really interesting program to me because I want to build strength after being sick and weak for so long. Squatting 200 almost destroyed me. I don’t even know what I should shoot for with my 20.

On a serious note, just do curls and extensions for years. If you don’t have big arms naturally, it’s gonna take a decade of work to make them happen. Also, just hitting the absolute crap out of squats, deads, bench, ohp and back work will help and go a long way as well as gaining weight.

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No, dont do this, stick to the basic structure of the plan -you need whole days off weights to recover and adapt from crushing yourself with the 20 rep squats.
If want, one of those day when in the gym add 15 mins arm work, everything light/15-20 reps and supersets/just get a big pump.

Once finished SS try a couple cycles of this…

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The fourth thing is food. Its really hard to add size to your arms if you don’t put on weight everywhere.
How much muscle have you gained in the last 12 months ?
How much have your arms grown in that same period ?

I feel like it was the second thing, haha.

I feel sometimes the need to simplify things further or even re-state the obvious !! :wink:

I’m getting over 3500 cal day. I notice some of the weight gain is going to my hips and gut unfortunately. Also using 200mg test cyp with no AI atm. I could be holding a tad more water than normal. I want that side delt and arm look like T3hPwnisher has. :open_mouth:

For me, it was just weight gain, consistency and time.

After Super Squats, if you’re still feeling crazy, try Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program (the beginner and intermediate programs). They should do well.

Thanks man! Writing that down now. I upped those squats to 185pounds after your suggestion yesterday. Going to add ten pounds next week.

To touch on what other guys have said, I don’t think you need to add an arms day to the Super Squats routine. But I don’t think you’ll die if you add a couple sets of curls to the workout on days you’re already in the gym.

Also the routine you mentioned has close grip bench, those are good for triceps. It also has pullovers, a super old school move that works lats, chest or triceps, depending on who you ask or how you do them. Maybe you could do some in a tricep focused way.

Sometime in the future when you’re doing something besides Super Squats, the ideas juggy mentioned above are Real good.

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I’ve been doing example one. I’ll try his version for more tri focus. Could even do a few sets of each. Thanks!

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