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Tips for Bigger Arms and Shoulders?


I got a 3-split workout routine, and at the third day i train arms (shoulder,tricep and bicep). What would be the ultimate routine for building massive and strong arms?

p.s: can't do dips at my gym. They don't have it...


There is no ultimate routine for anything. The best routine for you at any time is one that allows you to constantly progress on key exercises: BB curl, DB curl, preachers, CGBP, RGBP, PJRs, extensions, etc.

Make sure you incorporate at least one compound for both bis and tris. They allow more progression over time.

You also need to figure out how many reps/sets you need for your arms to grow. This isn't something that anyone can tell you, however people can recommend different approaches based on what's worked for them.

I prefer ramping up to a top set on the compounds (BB curls, CG and RGBP) then adding in 1 or 2 of the other exercises.


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yeye, no need to get angry!

my current arm day looks something like this:

Push press 5x5
Side lateral raises 3x8
Close grip bench 3x5
French press 3x5
barbell curl 3x6
dumbbell curls 3x6


I had a ramp like that i used:

Seated Shoulder Press - Focus more on shoulders than using Leg Drive for Push Press. Think it was Prof X. that observed that and your weights will get higher :slight_smile:

Barbell Curls/Ez Bar curls -

Close Grip Bench Press or Rev. Grip Bench Press in the Smith machine, try and push the bar towards your feet, obviously you can't but "try"

Ramp all the way up to the very top Set, and then add another one again but more isolation less compound.

Once you beat your last weeks set next week then you must be doing something right, plus with those it's alot easier to progress than using iso. exercises.

Think C_C has brainwashed me or something -_-


Ramp all the way up to the very top Set, and then add another one again but more isolation less compound.

didn't quite understand that sentence! And how wide should my grip be on the RGBP?


Like do


Bomb your shoulders to much your triceps will suffer when it's their turn happened to me on my ramp so try give them some rest in between.

As for how wide, whatever is comfortable, my hands nearly touch the rings..... whichever hits your triceps more do it :slight_smile:


I would try to do at least two overhead pressing movements a week. Whenever I tried doing just one my shoulder progress completely stopped.

Some people may say to only do one pressing movement because it would be easier on the shoulder joint, but IMO I don't think this is necassery until you are moving heavy weights (225lb+)


I think you were talking about that when you do a shoulder exercise first that day (press), then you want to do In-Human or SWRGB's or board presses for triceps or an extension/pullover-extension variant instead of regular close-grips or dips as your shoulders are already fatigued. Was it that? :slight_smile:

Reverse-grip smith bench gets a wide grip. If in doubt, go wider. Also grip the bar with the indexfinger and thumb only and let it rest in the crease of your hand, sort of... Press towards feet(try to, anyway) as well as up to take the shoulders out and use the tris more, and set up with shoulder-blades retracted and the whole spiel...


Yes see he has repeated the posts so many time he probably copies and pastes LOL

I have to try picture it then explain it. But yes the master has spoken ^^