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Tips for Biceps Tendonitis?

Just last year I started growing this tendonitis feeling in my bicep when I’d do bicep curls, which I had been doing heavy for many years now. I got to a point where it would hurt to do bicep curls in a bad way and so I eliminated them. Like when I was in my twenties the pain didn’t just automagically disappear. Instead, I felt it while doing pull up/downs or any heavy back exercise. I basically have been waiting for it to heal for over a year now with no success. Bought a massage gun to massage the wrist to the shoulder, which is the entire area of general pain, with no success yet.

Would like to hear tips from anyone experiencing this issue.

Sounds like you totally overdid it on the curls. Usually you hear about people getting bicep tendinitis from too much low bar squatting, curls can actually help with that but in your case you probably have to take it easy on curls and any pulling movements for a while.

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I used to suffer from this a lot. I finally broke down and ordered some magic elixir (BP-157) and then it went away and hasn’t came back in almost a year. Through the bottle away to show my biceps I trust them. So far so good.

Try using high, high reps against bands to pump up the area and heal your tendons.

Anchor the bands low and do sets of 40-50+ with a “regular” grip.

Stand on the band, grab it with a neutral grip and do hammer curls.

Use a tiny little band, stand on it with one foot and do “Band Upper Cuts” as you externally rotate your arm to work shoulder extension using the bicep.

Start with a slow, controlled speed and a limited range of motion, kind of doing what doesn’t hurt. You can progress ROM, speed of the motion and reps as you see results.

I know a lot of people don’t like Rippetoe but I’m currently doing this and it does seem to be working. I got horrible tendonitis from doing sandbag cleans for the first time two weeks ago and have only done the chins twice so far. Might be worth it to try if nothing else is working for you.

Alternatively, in the past I’ve taken B5 pantothenic acid based on an article from this site and that has worked very well also. That usually took about two weeks but I went ahead and finished the bottle ( I’ve used that approach twice).

I’ll try to find the article and link it.

I’ll link

I’m pretty sure this was the article I read. I believe I took 500mg twice a day. Hope this helps.

Had tendonitis two times and each time I used bro science. If it hurts too much, then just drop all direct arm work. Then, only neutral grip for pulling movements. When you can train them again I advise doing only pronated grip curls (EZ bar preferably), and thena dding curls focusing more on the forearms like Fat gripz curls and hammer curls.

Dealing with this due to some high frequency work at the start of lockdown. Therabar normally works but this time it didn’t. Then I found that chins hurt like hell, but the next day I felt better. So, I happened to be doing what’s described in the vid without ever seeing it.