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Tips for Better Sleep?


simply,,, can't get more than 6 hours of sleep per day due to job, any way i can make my sleep feel better and improve performance without increasing the time i sleep?



I routinely get 5-6 hours a sleep during the week and I do okay.


GHB, Phenibut!!!!


I have heard (anecdotally from an educated individual, take it for what it's worth) that red light before bed simulates the dusk and helps one sleep.

So maybe get a red bulb and put it in a lamp in your bedroom and read a bit before sleeping?

If not, a good wank never hurt anyone.


3-6mg of Melatonin. It's naturally produced by your body. You can buy 60 tablet bottles with 3mg pills for about $5-$10. Usually takes about 20 minutes to kick in.


x2 on ZMA, but it gives me very vivid lucid dreams that feel very 'normal'. i do feel i get better sleep from it though.


i believe with melatonin you need to give your body at least 8 hours to sleep. i took it late one night, had to wake up early and felt like i was in a drowsy fog from it.... thats why i didnt recommend it. i usually take melatonin and zma before i go to bed though.


A big-ass bowl of marijuana and maximum fappage generally does the trick.


See this all fine and dandy until Leonardo DiCaprio gives you the idea to break up your fathers empire.


Hot shower and a good fap.


well played. in the past 2 weeks ive had dreams that ive gotten an early morning emergency call from my mom, quit my job and became a firefighter, and that i woke up still tired and turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. harmless yet crazy how realistic they were. i usually dont dream and remember it at all.


5-Htp if you're hardcore. Hydroxytryptophan will make you KTFO.


You sound like someone I could get along with. But I'm not fapping in the same room.

Unless there's MMFing.


Used to work very well for me. Hell still does sometimes :smiley:


ZMA will do it for me. Just make sure you take it on an empty stomach. I've gone anywhere from 8 hours to 6 and felt exactly the same. Dreams were very lucid as someone mentioned. That's when I know it worked lol.


forget ZMA (used to be a big fan). It's good, but Z-12 is the bees knees


I'm going to buy that after this bottle (of ZMA) runs out.


yeah i used to do ZMA and now that you mention it I had some weird dreams.


yea its 100% a night and day difference when im on it, very noticable.


Eating a banana 10-15 before bed helps me.