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Tips for Arms Specialization?


Hey guys,
Im 19, been training for just over year an half, im 184lbs at 5"10
After predominately focusing my attention on compound lifts like deadlifting, squating and benching for most of my training, which have increased really well an helped me put on overall size, iv found/feel that my arms are lacking and as a result was curious about starting an arm specialization program. Iv never done a specialization program before an I'm not sure if thats the best thing to do at this point or to just start doing a regular arms day within my split.

I thought it best to ask here an see if anyone has any useful advice?

Has anyone had good results from a particular specialization program? Im sure most of the ones on here are pretty good

Would it be too early in my training career to start a specialization program?

Thanks, any advice would be great


i dont think an all out arm spec would be a good idea.

i would have a day in my rotation dedicated to arms and then also add in a couple sets on other days where you arent too fatigued or before legs

if you've only been lifting for a year you should still be getting some beginner gains. just be consistent and make sure you're getting enough protein and total cals


Have an arms day and then train triceps with chest, biceps with back as well...




My whole routine is "specialized".


Yep. You won't know what works best until you start experimenting.




lol you just want to see if the usual gang comes in to chew your ass about making a useless post.


No he doesn't. The point I believe Professor X is trying to make is that he trains to make everything grow as much as possible, which is what the OP should have been doing from the start. You don't need to do some "arm specialization" program, just start training your arms man.

If you still think they're lagging, add in a little extra work, but I doubt that your gains have been so significant that the rest of your body is dwarfing your arms. Don't start some dumb program that takes attention away from the rest of your body because you arms aren't huge yet.


exactly. If you goal is to build a bigger, more muscular physique, then why wouldnt you train everything hard?


I know some folks who have had good success with like 1 heavy arm day / week and 1 pump day / week.


Exactly. I don't give a shit about the fuckers following me around and wouldn't post for their sake anyway.

My whole fucking routine is specialized...meaning if I wanted to focus on my arms, I would do more training for them within my own routine.

The idea of doing an "arm specializations program" wouldn't even enter my head.


I don't see a problem for having a specialized routine to try to bring up a lagging bodypart. You definatly wouldn't want to neglect the other boadyparts in the process though.

Focusing on one goal is probably the best way to make progress, whether it is bulking, cutting, or bringing up a lagging bodypart. As long as the arm specialization program is only used until arms have caught up I think that is fine.


Alright alright I'll post something serious then. Just something that worked for me.

2 years ago I did the following to bring my arms from 16" to 17". I was on the AD at the time (low carb), and training using a regular BB 5-way split.

I picked a weight I could get comfortably on the BB curl for about 10 reps, and did BB curls at night for one set. When I got 20-22 reps with the starting weight, I added more weight so that I could only get 10 reps again. Work that up to 20 reps.. etc etc.

So that's one set of BB curls every night, in addition to my regular training.

My curls went from 77x10 to 121x20 in 6 weeks.


The point is, this is bodybuilding. You shouldn't be so imbalanced in the first place that you need to neglect every other body part for ONE. Maybe I could see the point if someone ignored their legs for years while their upper body grew out of control, but to give arms a whole routine as if your own doesn't work is confusing to me.

This sounds like something people do when they are only focused on biceps and chest to start with.


I think the increased frequency is a good starting point. Make sure you take care of your elbows.


What about those who followed a program like Stronglifts where they're told that chins and benching are all they need for arm development? (not speaking from experience, I just know there are a lot of people out there who've done something similiar)

Obviously, those compounds DO hit the arm muscle groups, but for most people aren't enough to
promote major muscle growth.


I would normally laugh....because I don't know anyone serious about bodybuilding who does shit like that. I mean, I understand the internet is causing people to ignore going up to people who actually got swole, but what serious bodybuilder is ignoring entire muscle groups?

Even with that, unless we are discussing some HUGE imbalance that literally takes complete focus (while ignoring the rest of the body) to bring up, again that makes little sense.

If I want to focus on a body part more, I train it more often.

That is why my shoulders look like that. It isn't like I accidentally fell on an air pump.

Dude, honestly, I am not a fan of that type of thinking at all and think it is ridiculous that so many still think that is the best way to make progress.

It is simply the best way to build huge imbalances.


Who said anything about ignoring the rest of the body? Considering the OP is only 19 im sure he does need to add size all over. But if he has ignored training his arms for his first year and a half of training I don't see any problem with prioritizing them for a while, still focusing on adding size all over.

OP pics would help


For the love of christ this.

I though I was "man-ing up" for the longest time. Yeah my tri's grew, but at the expense that I can barely hit them now without discomfort for days...

Don't fuck around with your elbows. If you get pain, address it right away. Don't be dumb...