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Tips for Ankle Strength?


I sprained my ankle last week and am looking for ways to strengthen that area. I don't do any isolation moves at this point in time but with my job need to be able to count on my ankles to carry me through the rough terrain.

any thoughts on exercise's I should be doing to avoid ankle sprains


this may help,


Thats a great video.

OP once your ankle recovers I would also suggest foam rolling your plantar fascia and calves.

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Learn how to Manipulate heat/cold best for recovery.

The video above is great. He mentions a name Dick Hartzell He has a series and book called don't ice that ankle. He goes over alot of similar manipulations and sells the bands. If you want to take the above information further you should get it.


im rather an outcast on this idea. but weak or uncoordinated hips can be a cause for what seems like weak ankles.

think of a machine that walks. you can have an ankle structure that is completely wobbly and can move in any direction. as long as the support structure that the legs are stable the foot will adapt to the terrain and the machine will be stable.


I'd take it easy and heal up full and proper, and then incorporate some of the tips from this Jimmy Smith article, Building Indestructible Ankles:


thanks for the information guys


No probs. Anytime.

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