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Tips for a traveler


I wanted to get everyone?s insight on what are some good tips for eating right while traveling. I know there are a few of you that travel regularly (spoken to Stella before on this one) and it is not as easy to stay on a diet while on the road. I find it more difficult than when I am home but I manage just find traveling domestically. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) my travels are mostly international. Although the obesity problems among people are not as prevalent overseas as it is in the states, they have no clue what healthy eating is. I believe it is a combination of things that keeps them under the obesity threshold.

1) They mostly have more active lifestyles

2) The food portions are smaller

3) They eat food in a more natural state. They don't sauce or butter everything.

All that being said, my question is what are some good tips when traveling internationally.

What food do I order on the plane? I think diabetic meal would be best choice but someone else told me Kosher.

I try to switch to P+F meals and only P+C post workout or for breakfast.

I pack nuts and bars to carry for long meeting days.

Any suggestions would be great.


Request fruit platter and bring your protein (beef jerky or protein powder/shake). P+C meal. :slight_smile:


Well, it goes without saying that you should pack enough Grow! for your trip. What food you eat specifically will depend to a large extent upon where you actually go. If it's Japan, for instance, you have a lot of fish choices, which makes your P+F meals much simpler. Italy, and I'd just order a plate of pasta and drink some Grow along with it. Instant P+C. France or China, and you're going to be in trouble. :slight_smile:


Mostly Latin America and Switzerland. P+F is fairly easy in Latin America. I just order a Steak, salad and/or veggies. In Switzerland it is pretty difficult. It is the 10 hour flights that give me fits lots of the time.