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Tips for a guy looking to gain awesome explosive leg strength

Hello, I want, and need to gain nothing short of awesome, explosive leg strength.

I do some pylo’s, but I need something really effective. I want to gain strength, so my kicks have more speed, and tremendous power.

When I twist, I want to have AWESOME speed in my turns, with my hips. For more momentum.

Anyone experienced, help me out? Or are there any articles from T-mag about this?

search for ian kings “white men can jump”.its a very effective program for leg strength .as for explosiveness,incorporate a few of the olympic lifts such as the hang clean.happy holidays

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Power snatch from blocks

  2. Iso jump squats: This exercise is fairly simple but very effective. Load the bar to 15-20% of your max back squat. Go down into a quarter squat, hold that position for 15 seconds then jump up. Land directly in the 1/4 squat position and hold for another 15 seconds. Do this for sets of 3-5 reps.

  3. Speed back squat with 50-60% of your max for explosive sets of 2-3 reps.

  4. Push jerks.

If power is what you’re after remember Power=Force X Velocity. You can have all the velocity to your kicks in the world but it won’t mean much if you don’t have the raw force behind it. Don’t neglect raw strength increases as well. Regular squats, deadlifts, lunges etc with heavy weights and lifting as explosively as possible will increase your raw useable strength much more effectively then o-lifts, plyos etc.

The most important muscles for kicking are in the core - ie. the abs and hips. Think about a whip. The end is snapping, but the arm is doing all the work. Most kicks involved whipping the leg - leg strength is somewhat incidental.

For this reason you want to have explosive strength in all directions of your hips. Medicine ball situps and dropped deadlifts are only two of the angles. Weighted hanging leg raises, plate pushes, these are all important. Mr. Chris Beast wrote a good article on strengthening the abs. Work with that. (Thibeaudeau, I mean)

Getting the legs strong surely helps, see the other posts.

Cool, I’ll check it out.

Anyone have any hip exercises? I really need to be able to spin my hips insanly fast. I am naturally flexible, so that’s a good think.

Also, I do power cleans, and block power clean jerks, for my Traps. It also helps out your legs too?

Were you referring to the static/dynamic method?
I believe research by Doborvolsky, 1972 looked into this type of training for the improvement of speed-strength. Works very well!

Dan Fichter- WGF

You said that you need more speed on your turns. Then you need to work on your Obliques and your QL. I think they should be focus on more then the Quads and Hamstrings…

Dan, yes I’m refering to static-dynamic training! Glad to see somebody of your caliber joining the forum!

For the guys/gals who don’t him, Dan is a top notch speed specialist.

I first read about this method in the book by Medvedyev and have been using it ever since!

I’ve used another version of the static dynamic method which consists of a heavy isometric contraction with heavy weight followed by a speed/strength or plyometric type movement. For example, a heavy 1/4 squat held for 8 seconds followed immediately by vertical jumps in place. Works really well.

Effective kicking is dictated by foot placement of the planting foot, hip positioning, path of kicking motion (curve for a roundhouse or linear for side and thrust kicks), and integrated agonist/antagonist strength of ankle, pelvic, and core musculature. Now to answer your questions. To build explosive strength you can use three methods-move lighter weight explosively to increase movement velocity (speed), move heavier weight as fast as posibble to increase neural drive and fast twitch fiber stimulation, or release techniques (plyometrics). Periodization of all methods would be best with more emphasis placed on plyometrics. My reasoning is because as you are kicking you are exerting force or moving an object (another person or kicking bag)away from you. Thus, you are releasing resistance. Various squats will improve dynamic strength but you are in one plane of motion (sagital). Plyometrics and praticing your kicks more explosively will greatly improve speed and accuracy at variuos and more applicable angles. Go online to Humankinetics.com or elitefitnesssystems.com to find good books on plyometric and periodization training. Again, all methods of strength training need to be address, but plyo’s is more sport specific to your goal. You just can’t use plyo’s for a long period of time.

Yes, this works very well! There are two or maybe three different ways to use the static/dynamic method. Both work very well.

Beast! Glad to be here. Keep writing the great articles. Drop me an email sometime so we can shoot the #$@%
Dan Fichter-WGF