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Tips for a beginner


I'm extremely new to powerlifting...haven't competed yet. I'm 6'0" about 210 lbs. My lifts aren't exact as I haven't taken a 1 rep max recently, but here they are:

squat: 300 ish
deadlift: 370
bench: 225

I plan to train my ass and get as strong as possible and compete in a year. Now I'm aware that my lifts are EXTREMELY low. What weights should I realistically strive for so that I don't make a complete fool of myself?

Also, any additional advice would be appreciated. Thanks


Make technique a priority if you want to lift big.


edit: plan to train my ass off


Pick a program and stick to it, don't modify it, you're not at a stage where you need individualized assistance yet.


5/3/1. thats all you need if ur a beginner and want to get seriously strong. that and eat ur ass off