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Tips/Experience Getting Big Legs?

This is a set of questions for the guys who went from normal quads/posterior to very large quads. Assume nothing-special genetics. How did you do it? Was there a weight or program after which you found yourself to really grow? Do you think supplements are required for significant growth in legs for guys without great genetics?

So I went from bird legs (seriously, my whole family is built like a marshmallow with 4 toothpicks for limbs), to larger-than-average legs - nothing special, but big enough pants/shorts don’t fit right. I grew best when I went near failure with 1-3 sets on squats, with the absolute best results coming from 5/3/1 PR sets followed by a Widowmaker set. You also need to make sure you’re holding the weight in your legs the whole time and not just dive-bombing into the hole to get as much rebound as possible. Supplements didn’t do much, but creatine generally helps everyone that doesn’t have kidney/liver issues.

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Squat regularly, aim to add weight to the bar over time.

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