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OK I found a source for test-eth. Its local and through a buddy who is going to hook me up with his friend. Apparently this guy wants to ask lots of questions about my workout, diet and check my body type and give suggestions. This gives me a good vibe. But is there anything I should look out for?

Would it be safer to get from an online source?

I have seen tons and tons of pics of gear. Few months back I downloaded Anabolics 2006. Just for more info and good reading(personally I think it is a must for any newbie).

Also looked at good sources online. Just to prepare me for when I buy my first cycle. Price wise, does street price differ from online? Or is it the same all around?

Any tips or experiences would be great.



Are you hiring the guy as a coach or a trainer? If not, it's none of his business what you do with your drugs or your body, but that's just me. It kinda sounds like you like to be told what to do, if that gives you a "good vibe." I would run the other direction personally, but it's your life.

As for prices, I've never gotten gear off the street, but I imagine its more expensive than the internet. Your dealer probably gets it online and resells.

That's how it very often works out. I mean there are some sources online selling 10ml of test for 30-35$ and I hear of people buying them on the street for like 100$ and up. You never know though, maybe your dealer has THE hookup and isn't too pricey.


Maybe the guy just wants to meet you to make sure that you're not a cop? Or that you're not some 17 year old?
If you TRUST your friend and he's used the gear before, it should be ok. He might just be a home-brewer who sells to friends.

That's how I got hooked up with my stuff, a small "UGL", through my training partners.
Also, personally I wouldn't pay over $50 for a vial (of test enanthate).


I'd be very carefull with home brew!