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Tips and tricks to bulking.....

Alright it is bulking season, and I am gonna do my first real longer term bulking cycle, I have been cutting for what seems like forever, and will be at about 6-8 precent soon, so come nov 1, I am going to start bulking, I am eating about 2500-2800 cals right now, then will slowly increase, starting at 2900 on nov 1 then a larger jump to about 3300 on the 14 (starting a new job unloading about 20,000 christmas trees) then up 300 cals every two weeks from there, culminating in a 8 weeks, 2 on 2 off 2 on 2off, mag-10 cycle, in mid jan@ 2 doses a day. What are some tips you pros have as far as eating a lot on the go, meat selection etc., I am not sure about going with massive eating, or 40-30-30, as itll be easier for me to do 40-30-30. And ALL my crabs will by low GI except for PWO, dont want to get fat…haha.

Just bumpin this up. Just today I decided that I would stop cutting and start bulkin’. Hell, who is gonna see my abs in the next coupla months anyway. I figure by spring break I will have put on some serious muscle and cut off the fat and will be good to go!

One question…Why are you aiming to bulk up? what is your definition of “bulking up”

My personal definiton of “bulking up” is putting on mostly LBM, with some acceptable fat gain, I would Ideally like to put on 20 lbs, of muscle with little fat gain (5-10lbs), by
May, and i think this is realistic goal, I am already pretty lean (8 percent) so hopefully I wont get to much fat gain early on.

oh ya stats…6 foot 180 about 8 percent maybe 9, not sure, but my gaol would be to be about 200, and about 6 percent some day…