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Tips Adjusting to Squat Shoes?

I bought a pair of weightlifting shoes a couple of months back to use for back squats but have found them really hard to get used to. I find that when i come out of the hole i feel like i am being pitched forward and like most of the weight in on my toes. Anyone have any good tips for adjusting to lifting shoes from years of using flats?

I know some elite lifters prefer flat shoes but i figured i should give the heels a good go before writing them off.

If its useful the most recent post in my log has a video of yesterday’s squats in the weightlifting shoes, and theres a video from the week before further up in my flat shoes: June 2018 Powerlifting Meet Prep

Do you use high or low Bar…are you a quad or hip dominate squatter ?

Had a awkward time switching over to heeled shoes myself but it was only for a few weeks not months. Kind of happened on its own for me.

Maybe try putting weight more through your midfoot than sitting back into your heels. There was a great a good diagram somewhere but I forgot where to find it but it shows how with heels your balance point shifts forward relative to the surface area in contact with the ground so if you are using flat squatting cues in heels than it could throw you off

Low bar & hip dominant, heres some squats from yesterday in the lifting shoes:

it does help somewhat if i actively think about keeping weight evenly distributed through my feet but not a whole lot.
I got some feedback on my log to try getting my elbows further forward which i think could work well so i’ll give that a go next squat session.

Changed the way I squat when I got into oly shoes towards a more vertical torso angle with some effort over months. Just because you low bar doesn’t mean you settle for anymore torso lean than you have to.

IMO you need to tweak your squat to fit the shoes if you really want to take advantage of them. Kinda like envision your perfect squat, film yourself and tweak form until you achieve it in the heeled shoes. Won’t be any huge changes but small tweaks can make all the difference. Then practice until the movement becomes automatic.

Or just say fuck it and comp squat in flats and high bar or front squat in heels as assistance.

EDIT: and yeah guineapig is right about the centre of gravity thing being shifted forwards.

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The cues I use are “sit on the heels” for the eccentric, which is easy to do with raised heels. For the concentric, just keep your knees out and shift your weight forward slightly to the midfoot. That’s what works for me

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I’ve found that I simply can’t use them. Ironically, they make my lower back hurt like hell, even though they’re supposed to move the burden away from the back and onto the quads. I’ve gone back to flat-soled shoes and feel much better. I know some people swear by WL shoes for squatting, but I’m not sure they’re for everyone, even for everyone who squats high-bar with a shoulder-width stance more in the style of Olympic lifters.

If you visualise the surface that is in contact with the ground i.e. the shoes outsole then weight is evenly distributed however if you think about a spot on your feet weight isn’t evenly distributed in heeled shoes.

So maybe it’s because you are thinking or cueing using your feet, which is fine for flats, instead of your shoes’ contact area?

I think you’ve been a victim of false advertising mane lel. Time to get your money back.

IMO heeled lifting shoes are not necessary for many people, especially outside of weightlifting where it confers an unquestionable competitive advantage, but everyone should be able to use them at least without any detriment and as for how much advantage they confer its a big fat “depends”.

I totally get that they SHOULDN’T cause a problem, but I’ve tried them several times, and for reasons I can’t explain, I always end up feeling like someone has whacked my lumbar spine with a ball bat. Just my experience, FWIW.

Just like trimming down your fingers so they fit your new gloves.

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Pls have mercy lel

More like taking a knife to your thumb nail to get a better surface to hook grip better


This^ … and bringing your elbows in will help you keep your just up throughout the lift. Made a big difference in my squat.(I Use Oly shoes as well)

I just replaced my thumbs with actual hooks. As long as you are not pulling sumo with it, its not really cheating.


Where can I get this procedure done? Asking for a friend… who doesn’t pull sumo or post guinea pig related content


I can do it for you, you mentioned you dont pull sumo or post about guinea pigs which is good, they are 2 out of my 3 greatest fears. The third being Australians.


Is actually a thing. Think JP Cauchi does it for his hook but ironically his is the only hook grip I’ve ever seen fail. Is fucking hilarious tho the guy flies up into the air and back.

Small hands mayb

Are you the guy who has recurring nightmares about Crocodile Dundee?

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