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Tipping - Good Idea or Bad Idea


I hate tipping. I'm not cheap, but I would just rather have the wait staff be paid a reasonable wage, and I just pay for my food. I do not get tipped at my job and I do service other people. I am also tired of tip jars. No you do not deserve a tip if you pour me a cup of coffee.

Here is an article about a restaurant in Waikiki that is charging foreign visitors 15% on their bills as it is not the custom to tip in all countries. In the U.S., servers are charged 8% of their gross receipts as tips and will be taxed on that income

We've had threads on this before so I am also including a link to an old thread on tipping.

Again, just charge me more for my food so I don't have to figure out how much extra wage I have to pay someone who should be paid what they earn in the first place.


Nope, not gonna tip you. Now... if they have some amazing bare chested men serving my coffee, okay well then maybe.



Okay well, I would not do what these folks do for a tip. They leave a brochure about Jesus.....

JensCharmedLiife · Pass a Note!
Posted 01/15/2011
Please forgive me, I'm a bit drunk.
I was out drinking with a few friends tonight and we got on to the topic of tipping. Having been a server for many years (through college, etc), I realize how much of a shame it is that some people are so cheap.
We got to talking about how some people (mostly "church people" on Sundays) will leave a church brochure with a tip or AS a tip at restaurants. My friends laughed hysterically when I said my piece. They said when they waited tables, they were afraid to ever throw those out, just because of the simple fact that it was church-related and that they would feel guilty.
My friends know that I'm agnostic. I told them that I did throw those out because, in my mind, Jesus would be ashamed that "his people" would be that cheap. He was born to poor parents,right? Mary and Joseph were poor..... my thing is, he would know how important it is to tip. Coming from poor parents, Jesus would know how important it is to tip your server well.
I know it's silly, but it makes sense to me. How about you??


So are you for or against?

Do you give a stripper a $1.00 bill and ask for change?


I'm for it. I usually tip well, I now get about half of my drinks free at the bars I go to.


Agreed. The tip jars at places like DD and Starbucks are BS. I'll be honest though, when I do tip, if the waitress is hot she usually gets a good percentage. On the fugly end of the scale, I'm breaking out the calculator to ensure no excess generosity happens.


Some waiters get paid pretty shitty, so i always tip at a restaurant especially because my friends are assholes and will leave change as tips anyway.

Just move the decimal over to the left one place, thats 10%, double that for 20% add 1/2 of the 10% for 15%.


I like tipping. It gives me the option to pay what I feel is necessary. I over tip when the server bends over backwards for me even if they fuck up it's all about effort. I'll also leave no tip if you're a bitch or a not interested burnout. I tip on a scale of effort and sincerity and that's it. I don't care how much my food costs. There are carrying the same thing whether the plate is $10 or $30 doesn't make me tip more or less.

Edit: I was a server in college and know all about it.


there's a very simple solution to this.

don't eat where you're served food. cook it yourself, or let someone else foot the bill.


SEE!!! that is the problem. I realize they get paid less and get taxed on my bill. Just pay them more and eliminate the 8% tax and I would like it so much more.


I'm real sure that I'd be tipping this girl.

edit- she reminds me of you OG!


Sure... there is that. But I don't see me never going to a restaurant or bar again in my lifetime.

simple is as simple does isn't always the truth of the matter.


With your penis.


Thank you, I'll be here all week.


Move to Europe then.


I'm glad they don't have one of those nekkid drive thru barista places near me. 20 cups of coffee a day just can't be healthy.


So the size of the tip really would depend on the service provided by the wait staff


Waikiki Eatery Charges 'Non-English Speaking Guests' Gratuity

Keoni By Keo's Says Many Foreign Travelers Unaware Of Tipping Practice

Jodi Leong KITV4 News Reporter
POSTED: 6:17 pm HST January 31, 2011
UPDATED: 10:28 am HST February 1, 2011
HONOLULU -- A Waikiki restaurant is causing a stir with the fine print on its menu and now the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission may be making an inquiry.
A restaurant spokeswoman said 99 percent of its customers are tourists.
The fine print on the menu reads, "A 15 percent gratuity will be added to your check for parties of six or more and for non-English speaking guests."

The restaurant told KITV4 News its customer base includes many international travelers who, by custom, do not tip. The restaurant said IRS administrative rules require the restaurant to consider 8 percent of its total sales as tips. So, waiters must pay taxes accordingly, even on tips they often do not receive.
The restaurant said it is merely trying to help and keep its wait staff.

"I don't think it's fair. I think with a mixed culture we've got today, they should accommodate everybody," Montana visitor Bryce Richards said.

The Hawaii Civil Rights Commission said Monday it has not received complaints about the practice. Executive Director Bill Hoshijo said the law prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, including gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, color, religion ancestry or disability.

A close-up look shows a 15 percent gratuity added to the tabs of non-English speaking customers. More Hoshijo could not talk specifically about the restaurant, but said the language on the menu that refers to non-English speaking customers could be a problem.
"Discrimination based on language is ancestry discrimination," Hoshijo said.
He added the commission may also have to inquire about the practice of charging non-English speaking guests the 15 percent gratuity.
"Places of public accommodation can come up with different ways to address those concerns that are non-discriminatory," Hoshijo said.

Hoshijo said the commission will likely start with a letter to the restaurant inquiring about the practice. And he said it is likely they will investigate the practice at all restaurants.
Keoni by Keo's and several other restaurants said most restaurants automatically add a gratuity, but most don't post it on their menus.
Keoni by Keo's said the gratuity charge is printed in red on the customerâ??s check and is explained when the customer pays at the register. The restaurant said if the customer does not want to pay the gratuity, then they simply don't.


again, another simple and yet kinda stupid response.

I was asking the opinion on tipping. I provided my solution which would still keep me here in the U.S.

I do tip, I have my reasons for not liking to tip.


I like to tip people. I like being generous because it makes me feel good. I give a minimum of 20% to servers. If service is exceptional I'll leave more unless I'm at a place where exceptional service is expected.