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Tip to Those Who Can't Eat on Gear

A lot of people can’t eat enough to bulk on certain compounds like tren, anadrol, super drol, etc because it blunts their appetite too much. I experienced this on my Tren cycle, and then I remembered I had some old Mk-677 stashed away. Well, I took 10 mg in the morning and I went from struggling to eat 3500 cal to having trouble eating less than 4500 calories LOL! Even a dose as low as 5 mg a day will help you a ton imo. People often recommend 20mg+ but I don’t find that necessary at all. On top of being able to eat more, it will make your skin look better for most people. You’re also unlikely to experience lethargy issues at low doses, and you can always play with using it at night vs in the morning, I find even if I use it at night I’m hungry the day I wake up regardless. It’s also pretty cheap. Just make sure you do your source research, cause if you’re using “10mg/day” but you’re actually getting 2mg then you will think I’m full of shit

And here is another reason ill never use tren :joy:
Good info though.

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