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Tip: The Best Deadlift for Glutes Do You Approve This Message?

Oh there’s new article on TN…it’s about deads…and some EMG study…and PPL…oh and there’s Paul too…Paul Carter and EMG study in context of programming…waaaait WHAT?

Forgive me, i sincerly couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:

Actually TC does a great job there of making sure to address the right words that get thrown out by most people without including context.

Pretty much what I’m been saying though. The deadlift is a decent ham and glute builder and that’s about it. So you’d be better off doing RDL’s since they don’t create as much nervous system taxation.

Drop the dealifts guys. They ain’t shit.


And they are a good way to tear your hamstring at the glute… like i did

Please stop with the FUD. Injuries can happen when you are pushing the body to the absolute limit, but to blame the exercise is silly. I as well as my clients have used the deadlift for years, with no issues.

Yes, i was going for a PR.

I think the question here is more in linea with, ”why have you been using the deadlift”? Are you a powerlifting coach with powerlifting clientel?

General pop. Some people just love the movement. Some pull off blocks, others from the floor, depending on mobility. I see where you are going to go with this lol.

I don’t think the gen pop should be deadlifting either.

Teaching the RDL is much easier for 99% of the people. The cues are simple - push your ass back and chest towards the wall in front of you. This has worked virtually everytime for people I’ve been with in person. Where with the deadlift, despite the fact that there are very simple cues that SHOULD make it easy, in practice it often doesn’t work that way.

So basically, the only advantage you get with the deadlift is more rectus femoris. No thanks. I do leg extensions.

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I think that general pop should deadlift, if that’s what keeps them motivated and they perform the movement proficiently, but hey we can agree to disagree.

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Branching off a bit here but what are your thoughts on reverse hypers?

I always enjoyed this https://youtu.be/dr69vmUWv_A

they’re just great grit builders! i’m probably leaving some gains on the table by not doing RDLs/leg extensions programmed as main movements, but i mean i love deadlifting so that’s okay. they made me tougher, lol.

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