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Tip: How to Dissolve BCAAs


I've been doing the Get Shredded diet for a few weeks now, and the diet calls for 40 grams of BCAAs a day. If you've ever actually had BCAA powder, you would know that this is like a death sentence. The powder isn't water soluble, and it tastes like battery acid mixed with burnt cat hair.

I was just mixing up my third dose of the day, and I found a way to forcibly dissolve the powder. If this is common information, then feel free to flame, but I've got to say that I searched for hours on the best way to take BCAA powder without any results.

1) Put liquid in a big glass. The more liquid the better. Don't try to concentrate it to minimize the volume, or you may end up throwing it up, which will make the rest of the dose especially gross. Instead, try to dilute the powder. 15 bearable sips is better than 10 seconds of hell.

2) Artificial sweetener is a life saver. I've found that Propel Zero, Sprite Zero, and especially Minute Maid Lite Lemonade are all useful solutes for the powder. In fact, the Lemonade is so strong that I couldn't even taste the BCAAs.

3) And this is the important part. You have two viable options in getting the solution down pain free. The first is to stir with a fork in circles to get the powder kind of wet, even though it won't dissolve. Keep stirring as you start to drink, and the liquid will more or less flush down the powder painlessly.

What I discovered, however, is that although you cannot dissolve the powder, you can mix it. Submerging the powder was always a difficulty for me, but, if instead of circularly, you just slide the fork back and forth, you create a vacuum for the solids and they start to sink.

Best of luck.


At the risk of sounding like an asshole. You could take your BCAA with a spoon. Fill your mouth with water. Verify your nut sack. Than drop the 10g into the mouth and swallow.


Why are people such pussies when it comes to taste? Besides, after a few weeks it's like drinking water. Or, you can put it in a sweet drink, like my mom did and didn't believe how bad they tasted at first because there was no trace of them.

As far as mixing goes, use a teaspoon, and forcefully dip it down 45 degrees from surface to bottom, from one side to the other. I can disolve it in 10sec for you this way. But I don't use them at the moment, eh.

Pretty sure most people figured this out already though.


BCAA powder really isn't that bad.

Creatine Ethyl Ester...now THAT is bad! Adding insult to injury, it's been shown not to work. I downed the better part of a kilo of that crap.


Xtend BCAA tastes like jolly ranchers.

edit: and it dissolves super easy in a shaker


Ya beat me to it! I love Extend,mixes easily and tastes like candy :wink:


After really looking into it..if you find the RIGHT brands of BCAAs...you will see the the cost of plain bulk powder vs already flavored, more mixable brand powder is really not THAT big of a difference. I guess I'm paying for the convenience..but, to me it's worth it.


True Dat, the wifey drinks just for the taste (she lifts too).


Xtend is great stuff, Aminocore "Caribbean Splash" is awesome too - tastes like fruit punch (ironically, Aminocore "Fruit Punch" tastes nothing like fruit punch).


I mix it with propel powder, you won't taste the BCAA


Buy Ajipure instantised BCAAs, and mix them with Stevia in water.


I really really really don't get it.
Just dump the damn powder in your mouth & wash it down with water. 10 seconds of horribleness but then Boom, it's all over and you don't waste a milligram.


The first time I tried chugging a high concentration BCAA dose, I literally puked. I wouldn't consider myself a HUGE pussy, but maybe just a little one. I will try just downing the powder hole and washing it down with water though; that sounds doable.

Thanks for the input.


Ultimate Nutrition dissolves fairly well, and tastes decent, as well as being pretty cheap($20 for a jug of it). Google it.

But agreed, Xtend mixes better than any other brand I've used.