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Tip For Virgin AAS Users

I’m a novice myself, and I have a small tip. It’s been advised before, but I -STRONGLY RECOMMEND- practicing drawing liquids and dispersing them with a syringe before touching your gear if you have no experience with such items.

Grab a syringe or two and a couple needles, a small container of olive oil and little container of water.

Now play with these items. Experiment and get some experience understanding how the syringe draws oils and waters at different rates, experiment changing the angle the syringe needle tip is pointing when drawing liquid or pumping the plunger to understand how the substance in relation to the air in the barrel move.

Try drawing the olive oil and dispersing on your hand / Then heat the oil under water or a heating pad and do the same so it disperses warm in your hand. Find the ideal heating time this way for your gear. Practice changing the needle too. Too tight is as bad as not tight enough. Try to find and recognize mistakes in preparing for an injection BEFORE touching your gear. Play with this for a good amount of time until you are comfortable with it.

I wish I had done this starting, because always nervous I wasted some of my gear with inefficient technique. If I had simply practiced a bit I would have gotten a few more mg out of my first few amps.

K, have fun!

But then again you have to remember that it is different drawing oil out of a vial than it is to draw oil out of a container. Its got to do with the air pressure inside the vial. Before drawing 1ml out, put in 2ml of air into the vial and it makes it much easier when drawing the oil into the syringe.