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Tip For EDT Fans

Just read Charles Staley’s newsletter. It’s free if you sign up for it so I don’t think I’m giving away any secrets - I don’t think CS will be upset. Anyway, this newsletter answered a question that I myself had been wondering about which is how would you go about structuring an EDT workout that would be “in between” EDT for hypertrophy and EDT for strength? Answer: use your 6RM (about 80-85% 1RM) and do 15 sets of 2 with 1 minute rest between sets.

I think Charles wrote an article here on T-Nation called “Lose the Fat, Keep the Strength” ,or something like that, that mentioned this. I haven’t done a search yet, but I could swear it on was here. I think it was followed by two PR zones that were alternated every other workout over a three day split.



Thanks for the link. That program uses the EDT for strength parameters of using heavy weight, >= 85% 1RM for singles with 60 seconds rest. EDT for hypertrophy uses about 75% 1RM for 5-6 reps with rests as short as possible. I think the 15x2 parameters take care of that gap in between 75% and 85%+. Charles article on the snatch talks about using ladders. I think that would also work for weights around 80%.

Charles loves people to sign up for the newsletter. So much in fact that he gives you some freebies just for doing so!! Please go to the following link and get some cool stuff as well as the newsletter-Julianne


Is there some people that are always using EDT principles for their workouts?