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Tip about Hypertrophy

Hi coach

I’m new to the forum, I’ve been training for 2 years now, I’m around 74/75 kg 8% body fat. I’m now trying to get to 85 kg, I’ve been searching for different type of routines and the wave loading 7/5/3 caught my attention, I liked the way you presented it, so I have 2 questions

Do you still think it is possibly the most powerful Hypertrophy program/routine?

And could you give me a 4/5 days a week sample?

There is no such thing as “the most powerful” anything. Sometimes things are presented to get the reader more motivated about a method, which will make them train harder and as such they will get better results.

The “best method” is the one that get you the most motivated to train… you will train harder and thus get better results. PERIOD.

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Sorry can’t do that otherwise everybody would ask for a free program and designing programs is a big part of my job. Wouldn’t be fair to my paying clients

I understand, but would you advised using it to achieve my goals?

If it motivates you, yes

Also, can you give me your opinion on mixing 5x5 and GTV? I know it may sound as an overreach but in total it would be 15 sets per body part (most people do that or more) and I have a pretty good Cns and I recover fast cause I do sports since I was 7 years old (swimming, tennis, rugby, football/soccer and basketball).
So I would really appreciate the opinion of a certified coach on this idea…

It is completely idiotic. Each of of these programs is hard to recover from as it is. And you want to combine both? There is a difference between being able to “do something” and growing from it.

You don’t seem to really know what GVT is.

The REAL GVT has 4 exercises and 26 sets per workout.

For example DAY 1 is Chest/Back

A1. Bench press 10 x 10
A2. Chin-ups 10 x 10

This is done in alternating fashion, a set of A1, rest 60 sec, a set of A2, etc.

B1. Incline DB press 3 x 10-12
B2. Bent over row 3 x 10-12

Sure if you do only one exercise with 10 x 10 you can do a second exercise 5 x 5… but you asked about combining GVT and GVT is not 10 x 10, its an actual program. And in that case NO you can’t add 5 x 5 to it.

If you are going to ask a question about combining two programs (which is never a good idea BTW) at least know what the programs really are.

My bad, I guess I should’ve said "combine both the principles of 5x5 with the 10x10, would it be a god thing or no…

And isn’t the principle behind GTV to cause metabolic stress by doing high volume with short rest (30/60sec) ? So by doing a set of bench the resting 60 sec then doing an antagonistic body part then rest again 60 sec before going back to another set of bench kill the principle behind GTV training?

I’m not a GVT guy. Ask Poliquin, he popularized it. I personally never use it with clients and I do not use myself. I do not like it as a program. I’m not saying it can’t be effective but it is not the type of training that I like or use.