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Tip a Car??

Hi, anyone know how much you must be able to deadlift/other lift to tip over a small car?
Don’t really know how much a small car weigh…

Do you find yourself to be an angry man?

Guess im impressed by the strongmen…
A guess anyone?

well, I can’t pick any car I have ever had off the ground. But I have only had a 1975 Monte Carlo, and a Chevy Pickup. So No, I have not idea. But why would you want to roll a car. Also it would be much easier to roll by doing donuts in a parking lot.

I deadlifted an old Volkswagen Beetle about a year ago by the rear bumper(you can’t do this with modern cars though, because the bumper isn’t attached to the inner work, and you’ll probably break it off). That was very doable, and I was deadlifting around 525 for a few at the time.

I guess anyone who can pull 400 can pull it off, as long as you got a very good grip, because it can’t be confused with a barbell.

Tipping it is a little harder though. If I were to train for it, I’d put my money on tire flipping and rack pulls.

I haven’t done it yet but from what I have seen the technique is not like a tire where you can get an estimate from dead strength. In the car flip you sort of run and drive through it while lifting. Then it is like the tire where you continue to push and drive through till it is fully over.

If some does find some numbers I would be interested in knowing too.


The type of car has alot to do with how much it ways.

Back in some old hellraising days, it took about 4 of us on one side of a car to tip it over…so I would say to deadlift it you’d be in the 500’s. To tip it over, you need to be incredibly strong, as we used to use momentum to flip it on its side.

Nothing like coming out of your house in the morning to find your car on its side…

I lifted the rear end of a protege’ when I was deadlifting between 450 and 500.