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Nice push presses. So you were doing them from the back of the neck?

I want to be like the guy you chatted with. Hope I don’t see him in my age bracket.


Maschy- yes a big busy day with little man today

O_b_s I do like the push press- but they are taxing

thanks OP- I was doing them from the front
from the ‘clean’ rack position

the tip I got was from an article here by Glen Pendlay
and he gave it as a tip on the push press- to kind of shrug the shoulders up a bit higher

the part about the PP is on page two- he can explain it better then I can

as for PL dude at the gym I am guessing he is some where around 35-40
maybe younger ? hard to tell

He said been competing for a few years he had a USPL shirt on from 2007

he had just competed 2 or 3 weeks ago
did ok- bench 365? pull something like 638 squat 572?
this is all from our little conversation I know what the pull was- but not sure if these where attempts or made lifts

this was Raw

tomorrow’s job went away, yay?

so I will train and get a head start on 7 fishes by putting some Bacala up to soak
we are not doing a full on Seven fishes - maybe 4 or 5

think I am front squatting tommorrow


My cutie magnet is on delay…

seven fishes, are you talking xmas eve? We do the fish, seafood bash, so much food its crazy.

I liked watching your snatch pulls, you definitely have that dialed in!

FS tomorrow, fun fun


new log!!! great timing for the new year too.

little man is officially bethrothed to cookie-face :wink:

solid pulling and I like the fresh hair.


Up- yes christmas eve
last year I made bacala and a HUGE paella

this year bacala
seafood salad
and pasta vongoli

I wanted to make Paella again but we just made one like two weeks ago

Frenchi- thank you

they will be so cute !!


mobilty lots and lots

face pulls tricep crap OH squat 3 roudns x10

OH squat 95 2x8

A front squat

135x8, 185x6,225x5,245x3,265x3 275 3x2, 225 3x5

B Air hump 225x10,275x6,315x6

C RDL 225 3x12

Notes- no abs- no conditioning ran out of time
squats felt ok- not the best rack- feeling
fatigued from push presses

wanted more doubles and more sets of 5
need to just get some solid reps in the next few weeks
RDl- needs work might take a break from pulling of the floor
for a few weeks and just do tons of RDL

will catch up later with all you peeps

thanks for looking


the menu sounds divine!

can’t have seafood at my supper - my mother is highly allergic. Have an extra helping for me ok?

I think I finally found who I’d hire as MY chef - chef to the chef, there is no greater honor :wink:


training looking good, happy holidays


Fierce front squats. Looks like its going to be a tasty dinner for sure.


Baccala!!! Mmmm…that’s one of my most favorite dishes ever!! We do ours putanesca-stye. Grilled octopus and big ol’ fried sardines too…Its good to be a tano on xmas eve, that’s for sure.

Strong front squats - even if they were just “ok”

Have a great xmas, tough guy! Enjoy your pescado! xo


Sick front squats yo, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!


Mmmmmmmmmmm . . . seafood salad.


Thought so, sounds delish!!

Merry Xmas


frenci- no worries xtra helpings- have you covered

I will cook for you in a clear vinyl apron

Big PeteS thanks man.

hope your holiday is good too.

maschy- still loving that avi.

thanks and I shall enjoy 7 fishes

Mattyxl- thanks enjoy your holiday-
we need to tain this year coming.
mascy too

Joe- thanks they are getting back to something

Cav- Fruit di mare is a favorite

Up- thank you have a great holiday-…

my quads and glutes are crushed still.
feels great.

ok food details
just prepped and made all the fish stuffs

ended up with a big big Bacala -salad

thats bacala hot cherry peppers and olives dressed in olive oil

big fruit di mari - musses shrimp calimari and crab dressed with lemon and olive on and parsley

and later Ill make a big clams vongoli

right now I need to clean the fucking house.

everyone have a great holiday- will check back on you peeps
in a few days


yo people.

I am back- holiday is 2/3 over

last year I cried about the holidays
this year I am still mostly a Grinch
despite the feast on fishes.

Is it wrong to tell the aunt who picked a fight with a daughter ( at my house)
to play nice
or leave.

or to tell the people who try to give your kid a drum set - that they can set it up in their living room
and he can visit.

ahhh. holidays.

we see my fam on Jan 1 then its over.



pvc mobility alot

HLR, face pulls, tricep rope pushdowns, OH squat, 65,95,95 all 3 x10-12

A Squat 135x12,225x10,315x6,225x12
B sumo RDL 225 x4x8
C BSS 40x5x6
D bb rollout 4x10

D Spin bike Tabata 8x20/10


squats- felt good but slow.
no plan today with stuff just flew blind.

wanted 8 on 315 got 6
sumo RDL killed the hams and glutes
its like a tiny range of motion but a good hip hinge
left me for dead
BSS- should have went with 35’ and gone for more reps

made me feeble

thats it.


Holy Shit do we have the same family? Mad drama at my household as well, effing Christmas. We gotta new year coming up, got to get together.


[quote]kmcnyc wrote:

Is it wrong to tell the aunt who picked a fight with a daughter ( at my house)
to play nice
or leave.

or to tell the people who try to give your kid a drum set - that they can set it up in their living room
and he can visit.


You do wonder if people are thinking.

I once gave my niece’s daughter a jump rope. I told her I didn’t want to give a present which came in a thousand pieces or made noise. She said “THANK YOU!!!”


Matty- short people families are always silly

Cav- jump ropes are kind of noisy… just saying

training 12.30.11

upper junks

moblity pvc etc at home

mobility at gym

1500m row 6.15

A clean + press 135x5,155x3,175x3,195 x3

B1 Zpress 95x8,115x8,125x5,135 3x5
B2 Pendlay row 185 3x5 225x5,225 3x3

C Dip 3x20
D kroc row 80x25 100x20

E big medley of TRX
facepulls, inverted row feet elevated, push-ups feet elevated, ab fall outs, inverted pike
3 rounds 8-12


skipped pullups- elbows felt better, hmmm
I do think big cleans , pendlays, and OH squats seem to kill elbows chins too.
z presses felt good-
rows felt heavy
dips felt good
cleans where ok- decent speed
trx as a finsisher- huge swole

will catch up with all you peeps soon


How’s the neck coping with the back squats?



Its ok thanks

I used a low bar set up that seems to work
I didnt venture into anything too heavy.

5 reps at a modest load might work if I cycle back squats maybe 1 or 2x a month


Happy almost new year Kevin. 3x5@135 Z press is impressive! Good stuff.