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Tiny Super Jock



First! BIBjr. FTW!!!



BIBjr was tearing up those 2lbs db’s

training 12.19.11

pvc at home
mobitly stuffs too

HLR face pull back raise triceps rope thing 3x10

Snatch grip dead
135x8 225 2x5,315 2x3, 365x2
then conventional 405 5x1

BB complex

95 2x6 ,75 4x6

jump shrug
hang clean
hang snatch
BO row

1500m row 6.43


wanted to do something heavy and some conditioning
eventually this is what kind of stuff I want to do- but more sets

pulls felt ok- kind of messy on the 405 singles
not feeling all great today

complex pukerific
row- kinda felt nice.


lets see if these load

edit- actually do have a new haircut in these - but it looka amazingly like the old haircut



I cannot get past the power you got going on. Them’s some good pulls.


I cant get past the awesome head O hair you have…fuck Im jealous so thick and luxurious!

Those pulls looked great, and your boy is already repping the weights, a star in the making!


Puppet. Nice looking pulling. How come you’re wearing O shoes to pull? I was showing BB and he said he might try the same thing. Way to show up my hook grip deadlift :frowning:

Very cute picture of the little man. It brought on the maternal gooey thing until my own kids wanted something from me and then it went away.


Pulling = Awesome

Little Guy = Awesomeness!


Kent- thanks man

Matty- but I traded both height and shitty teeth for head of hair.
little man is a House

O_b_s thank you-

I think I wear them for snatch grip
a few reasons -
been having right foot and ankle issues these lend stability

also pulling snatch grip I am finding my set up kind of over the bar like a fake Olift
and it seems to be working for nor

Ddot- thanks man!!

will check on you peeps later


Perfect form & timing on the deads. And your hair is so DARK . . . I gotta use dye.

Is little man going to unwrap a barbell next week?


New log already? I can’t keep up.

Pulls looked great. I’ve also started to pull in my oly shoes. It does feel pretty good for the snatch grip.

Proof that you’re never too young to do arnold presses…



Awesome. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work brother.


Good work kmc. Nice speed on those deads.


yay for new log, yay for baby boys and double yay for shortness !!

ok, now, snatch grip, how does one find the correct grip width?


Cav- thank you- hair is just genetics and being a black irish bastid

James- the shoes do feel stable on snatch grip pulling
not so much on conventional

thanks Git speed is everything with lifting for me

Lil power - thank you, I see some people with arms at the collars if they are like 6 feet tall

I try to make the bar land in the crease of my hip- when I stand up if that makes sense


Now that’s how you start a new log!


Damn fine pulling to open up your new log.


Tinys have to stick together. So much power in a compact package. :slight_smile:


Dday- thanks man the kid pics cant hurt

Joe thanks bro.

I cant bring myself to say buddy.

Kimba !! its true tiny peeps need to hang tough

first I watched a dude work up to 3 sets of 315x5 on bench
then pull 315,405,495,545,585 all for 2 sets of 3

we chatted a bit nice guy.
he competes- at 198 and has a meet in PA in two weeks
looking to total 1600 at 198

then dude front squatted while I was leaving


upper stuffs

mobility stuff

HLR- face pull- back raise- tricep rope shit- 3x10-12

A1 push Press 65x8, 95x8 ,115x5, 135x5, all PP from here 155 x5, 185 2x3, 205 2x3, 225 2x miss 185 x3
A2 pullups bw 8x8

B1 Pendlay row 185 5x5
B2 loaded pushup 45 5x10

C1 loaded pullup bw+25 4x6
C2 db oh press 35 4x20 last 10+10


feeling beat from yesterday
elbows felt great on pullups - felt like shit on rows
and shaky on pushups.

push presses felt good- tried racking the start a bit different
by squeezing shoulders up- and sitting the bar on them vs clavicle

shoulders are feeling healthy
but other shit sucks.

Home all day with little man tomorrow


New log! Woot woot!

Pulls look great! And that gym looks hella professional. It can’t be a NYC gym, can it?

There’s nothing like seeing another lifter put in work to motivate. nod

This is a great tip “squeezing shoulders up- and sitting the bar on them vs clavicle” on the push presses. For me, this is the key to not chocking myself or breaking my clavicle on lifts that utilize clean grip. And anyways, technically one should be able to catch a clean using only one’s delts! So they say…

Healthy shoulders are good! Hope you enjoyed the day with your lil’ man :slight_smile:


That’s interesting about the shoulders forward on push press. Maybe I’ll throw some light ones in for this week of play time.

I like the theory that you should be able to catch a clean on your front delts. I’m just happy when I don’t catch it with my teeth.

Keep an eye on gym guy. I’d like to find out how he ends up performing in the meet.