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Tiny Powerlifter's Probably Stronger than You!



OMG ITS Cephalic_Carnage!!!


In before the "omg he has a 1 inch rom so it totally doesn't count" crowd.


First it was an albino bodybuilder, now it's a miget.....

I'm sensing a pattern.


hah, I know that gym. It's called "The Gym"


I like the way they compare a normal bloke to him;as if to say your shitter than a midget!love it


What pattern, pray tell, do you sense, Senor Fuckface?


Therizza, are you a little sensitive today? Should I have put a :slightly_smiling: with my post?

Senor Fuckface? I like that.


MAYBE! I had to clean my garage out, and didn't have any beer in the house!

P.S. I'm glad you liked the Senor part, too bad I can't make the squigly line over it, I try and mix things up.


You let yourself run out of beer? I can't feel sorry for you, then. I guess it wasn't a priority.

I was going to address the squiggly thing, but you seemed grouchy enough, so I opted not to. But, yeah, I had to laugh when I saw my new pet name.


Chores without beer are the worst.